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Tar Valon Or Bust

The Wheel of Time: Leavetaking

Season 5, Ep. 1

Preeti and Jenn dig into what the show gets really right (Mat! Moiraine and Lan! Divided skirts and braids!) and really wrong (including a brand new fridging) in “Leavetaking,” its first episode.

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  • 5. Winter's Heart: Chapters 19-24

    Preeti and Jenn talk a lot about POV, authorial vs. editorial choices, and Jenn has a lot of ranty feelings about obfuscation. Also, Rand and Mat. Also also, there is a MAJOR disagreement about who killed this one guy. Happy listening, sorry not sorry!Next episode: Chapters 25-29.You can now add Preeti's debut YA rom-com on Goodreads!
  • 4. Winter's Heart: Chapters 13-18

    FINALLY Jenn and Preeti are back and talking about the next section! Which features the return of everyone's favorite (ALSO FINALLY!) along with some very intense and uncomfortable POVs. Thank you as always to the Discord for reminding us what happened in past books, and for this interactive Wheel of Time timeline. Next episode: 19-24Spider-Man's Bad Connection is out!You can now catch Preeti on the Women of Marvel podcast! Also, read Preeti's Love Unlimited #66: Gambit & Rogue (on Marvel Unlimited)And Jenn is doing a giveaway for FIT FOR THE GODS over on the Lesbrary.
  • Intermission: Jenn and Preeti Talk Publishing

    While Preeti finishes up deadline hell, rather than leaving the feed quiet, Jenn and Preeti decided to do a quick "Ask Us Anything" about publishing! Thanks to all the patrons who submitted questions -- we hope you enjoy the answers.Writing Tools:MS Word (standard)Novels in Scrivner, revisions in WordPlotter for digital corkboard for plottingMarvel Comics: The Untold Story by Sean HoweSFF Yeah: Cover Talk episodeAgent Resources:Kate McKean’s Substack: Agents + BooksEricSmithRocks.comJenn Laughran on TumblrFit for the Gods: Greek Mythology ReimaginedSpider-Man's Bad Connection (September 5). Preorder from Brave + Kind Bookshop for signed books, or see Preeti at her launch!Gambit & Rogue series on Marvel Unlimited
  • 3. Winter's Heart: Chapters 9-12

    Jenn and Preeti talk about the rollercoaster of events that exists in these chapters, including stuff that they do and do not remember from past reads, and have some additional thoughts about Mat and the Aiel.Next Chapters: 13-18The next episode will be delayed by Jenn's yearly camping pilgrimage, keep an eye out for it the week of August 23.Spider-Man's Bad Connection (September 5). Preorder from Brave + Kind Bookshop, or see Preeti at her launch!Love Unlimited #61: Gambit & Rogue Part One (on Marvel Unlimited)Fit for the Gods is out! Come see us at events!
  • 2. Winter's Heart: Chapters 3-8

    In which we actually like Faile, we do not understand Berelain, and we too hope for good news along with Elayne. We also do a lot of on-the-fly explaining! Next episode, we'll cover Chapters 9-12. Our Books:Spider-Man's Bad Connection (September 5)Mermaids Never Drown (September)Fit for the Gods (August 1) - Preorder from Malaprop's!
  • 1. Winter's Heart: Prologue - Chapter 2

    They're baaaaack! Jenn and Preeti talk through the longest Prologue yet (probably), plus two Perrin chapters, and do it in record time because not very much happens. But never fear, they still manage to have a lot of feelings about it.Next episode: Chapters 3-8Our Books:Spider-Man's Bad Connection (September 5)Mermaids Never Drown (September)Fit for the Gods (August 1) - Preorder from Malaprop's!
  • 5. The Path of Daggers: Chapters 25-31

    The Path of Daggers comes to a close with both bangs and whimpers, and Jenn and Preeti are very confused and have many Questions. So. Many. Questions. Reminder that we're on hiatus until July, when we'll be starting Winter's Heart! Episode 1 will cover the Prologue through Chapter 2. Check out our books!Magic Has No Borders (May 23)Spider-Man's Bad Connection (September 5)The Grimoire of Grave Fates (June)Mermaids Never Drown (September)Fit for the Gods (August 1) - Preorder from Malaprop's!
  • 4. The Path of Daggers: Chapters 18-24

    Jenn and Preeti exult in Egwene's secret plan revealed, are very concerned about Rand and his plans, and have some shout-outs and thoughts from Jordan Con and the Discord!Next episode: Chapter 25 - The EndPreorder books!Spider-Man's Bad Connection (September 5) Magic Has No Borders (May 23)The Grimoire of Grave Fates - JuneMermaids Never Drown - September (Vampires Never Get Old)Fit for the Gods - August 1
  • 3. The Path of Daggers: Chapters 11-17

    In this section, Preeti and Jenn encounter yet another Sekrit Plan, Sevanna finally starting to reap what she's sown, and a very bleak Rand. JordanCon is this weekend!Next episode: Chapters 18-24Pre-order Preeti's new books! Spider-Man's Bad Connection (September 5) and Magic Has No Borders (May 23)