Tandem Collective Talks

Meet Lex, Jen, Lucy and Jaide who are members of Tandem Collective. Tandem Collective is an unique Marketing Agency specialising in bespoke social media campaigns and immersive reading and watching experiences with book lovers and reviewers around the world.

Jen Smith-Furmage

Jen can usually be found with her nose in a book, mostly gothic horror or feminist non-fiction. If not reading, talking or writing about books, Jen is most likely to be skating or eating vegan pizza.

Lex Brookman

Lex is a crime-thriller reader at heart with a penchant for self-development and continual learning. She also hopes to write a crime book one day! We'll see.

Lucy Kelly

Big into her historical and commercial fiction genres, Lucy is always reading and loves discovering new books. She loves to travel and struggles to pack light when it comes to reading material!