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Talking Business with Leon Gettler

Talking Business #16 Interview with Matt Keon from GenieUs

Season 6, Ep. 16

 Linda Yaccarino: an advertising veteran enters the wild world of Musk’s Twitter

Former RBA Governor Glenn Stevens warns that interest rates are unlikely to fall amid a 'once-in-a-generation' inflation battle

PwC targeted Apple, Google, Microsoft with leaked tax plan

PwC tax leak crisis could see more executive heads roll with corporate veteran Ziggy Switkowski to lead internal probe.

ATO cracking down on landlords and Capital Gains this year. A review found nearly 9 out of 10 landlords are incorrectly claiming expenses.


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  • 34. Talking Business#34 Interview with Ivan Curic from Domain

    Cyber criminals already using generative artificial intelligence to craft more persuasive scamsASIC warns that company directors could be in breach of their duties if their companies fail to adequately deal with cyberattacks Research reveals that almost every person in NSW and Queensland was hit with a natural disaster in the past 12 monthsQantas chairman Richard Goyder faces a fresh battle to keep his job after a leading industry group called for his dismissal over a board decision to engage Boston Consulting Grou The average chief executive pay at some of Australia’s biggest companies is more than $5m, and dozens received double-digit salary increases, according to annual reports and other information released during the recent profit reporting seasonFollow my socials on:
  • 33. Talking Business #33 Interview with Belinda Sinclair from Domain

     World leaders agree a strategic effort to counterbalance Chinese influence Prized Australian tourism and holiday destination Hamilton Island looks set to sell with its current owners understood to be discussing the move. News Corp CEO Robert Thomson warns AI will create a "tsunami" of job losses at publishers.  Gina Rinehart has not ruled out launching a bid to rival Albemarle’s $6.6 billion takeover tilt at Liontown Resources after confirming she now holds a strategic stake close to 8% in the West Australian lithium prize. CSL targets $33bn asthma market with new drugFollow my socials on:
  • 32. Talking Business#32 Interview with Angus Ferguson from Domain

    Qantas announces that Alan Joyce has stood down as CEO of Qantas early. For the first time, Qantas is ahead of schedule.Forrest empire exodus spreads with two more CEOs leaving, The Australian arm of Hilton Worldwide has gone to battle with the Australian Tax Office over allegations that it hasn't paid over $80 million in taxes, penalties and interest. ASIC takes Westpac to court, alleging it failed to respond to hardship notices in time.  Warnings that hotter, drier days caused by the looming El Nino are forecast to wipe $12 billion off the value of agricultural production this financial year.    Follow my socials on:
  • 31. Talking Business Interview with Danielle Harmer from Domain

    Qantas CEO Alan Joyce has been grilled over the airline's contribution to the cost of living crisis during an inquiry conducted by the Senate.  The Morrison Government’s Modernising Business Register, designed to save business money, blew out by $2 billion. 460 company directors urge "yes" vote in Voice referendum calling constitutional recognition a critical step towards a more inclusive Australia. Fortescue Mining boss Fiona Hick leaves as profits fall and dividends cut. Analysts say the lack of explanation of Hick’s departure and the attempt to spin Otranto’s appointment as planned is an insult to investors. 1.5 million (29.2%) Australian mortgage holders were ‘At Risk’ of ‘mortgage stress’ in the three months to July 2023. This period encompassed two interest rate increases of 0.25% taking official interest rates to 4.1% in June.   Follow my socials on:
  • 30. Talking Business#30 Interview with Frank Greeff from Domain

    China’s $18 trillion economy is decelerating, consumers are downbeat, exports are struggling, prices are falling and more than one in five young people are out of work.   Australia is set to lose it’s AAA credit rating because of ‘Climate Change’Optus is the most distrusted brand in Australia in the 12 months to June 2023, replacing Facebook/Meta for the first time since Roy Morgan began measuring trust and distrust in 2018. Telstra, News Corp and Amazon round out the top fiveThe latest intergenerational report forecasts annual average growth of 2.2% over the next 40 years, which would be the lowest since World War II, and 0.9 percentage points lower than the average annual growth of the past 40 yearsSolomon Lew’s Premier considers demerger following CEO Murray’s shock exit Follow my socials on: 
  • 29. Talking Business #29 Interview with Rohan Widdison from New Laboratories

    Russian rouble falls to 16-month low against US dollar Major companies like Unilever, Siemens, and Maersk are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence to navigate complex supply chains, address geopolitical tensions, and ensure environmental and human rights compliance. Australia’s richest person Gina Rinehart committed “egregious fraud” and then lied about it, a trial over billions of dollars in iron ore riches has been told.  Australian home insurance premiums jumped the most in two decades, driven in part by weather catastrophes  A Treasury review into secrecy laws that bind the Tax Office will consider the fallout from a $1.6 billion tax fraud scheme executed via TikTok Follow my socials on: 
  • 28. Talking Business #28 Interview with Barb Hyman from

    How far back does the PwC tax leaks scandal go? The battle between the ATO and PwC has been going for at least six years.Consulting firms caught promoting tax exploitation schemes will be fined up to $780 million, a 100-fold increase, under the Albanese government’s sweeping response to the PwC tax leaks scandalKPMG overcharged Defence while raking in billions of dollars.Former supreme court judge Sofronoff and former DPP Drumgold face investigations that could lead to them both having charges brought against them. You can’t make this up. More than one in 10 firms in the retail, hospitality and construction sectors are at risk of going bankrupt in the next 12 months, according to research from Illion.  Follow my socials on:
  • 27. Talking Business #27 Interview with Parry Laxman from Kangarama

    Could the RBA’s aggressive rate hike cycle be over? Electric vehicle sales surge in Australia with more sold in the first half of 2023 than in all of 2022  Ben Roberts-Smith’s key supporters at Seven West Media forced to hand over thousands of documents showing their involvement in the former soldier’s failed defamation case  DFD Rhodes stakes claim on Gina Rinehart's fortune as court hears Lang Hancock 'exaggerated' personal role in iron ore discovery   The number of disgruntled Qantas passengers continues to soar Follow my socials on:
  • 26. Talking Business #26 Interview with Tom Williams from Innovation Consult

    Elon Musk’s decision to turn Twitter into X wiped out anywhere between $4 billion and $20 billion in value, according to analysts and brand agencies Kathryn Campbell quits top defence job after robodebt royal commission report. Let’s see where she turns up next.Australian home loan delinquency rates are on the rise with 1.41% of all home loans in arrearsEmployers have expressed deep dissatisfaction over Tony Burke’s industrial relations reform plan, saying it'll force casual workers to become permanent ones. But is there any truth to this claim? Atlassian’s⁩ Mike Cannon-Brookes and wife Annie to separate. The second mega billionaire couple in Australia to bust this month.Follow my socials on: