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Here's the week's business, finance and economics news - in just 30 minutes.In the meantime you can catch me on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. And if you want leave a comment. Wishing you all a safe and healthy week. An
Thursday, May 4, 2023

Talking Business #14 Interview with Dr Philip Wuth from the Carina Medical and Specialist Centre

Season 6, Ep. 14
The second largest bank collapse in American history took place as the Biden admin seized First Republic Bank and JP Morgan Chase Bank swooped in to assume all of the deposits for insured and uninsured. The big banks again get bigger with the help of the US government. RBA surprises with 25 bps rate hike; cash rate raised to 3.85%. Time for a pause or more hikes?There aren't many female CEOs of airlines in the world. It's a credit to Qantas that a gay Irish man appointed 15 years ago is replaced by a woman.Financial and crisis counsellors are reporting the highest rates of mental distress they have seen as a growing number of Australians cancel appointments with their psychologists to cut costsModelling by Hugh Miller and Laura Dixie from actuarial firm Taylor Fry shows that economic inequality in Australia is at a 70-year high. No longer the “lucky country” for many.  Follow my socials on: