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Glasgow's LEZ

Season 1, Ep. 1

The hot topic amongst Glasgow's taxi trade is currently the introduction of the LEZ and it's impact on the taxi trade with effect from 1 June 2024. Many taxi drivers will be forced out of business and the knock on effect will have an impact on Glasgow businesses, their customers and the desire of people to visit and socialise in our wonderful city. In this episode the design, planning & implementation of the zone are challenged. Is the grant funding available a good use of public money ?

With economy of the Glasgow facing huge challenges, and eyebrows being raised about the cleanliness and condition of the city, is the LEZ one of a number of virtue signalling projects displaying poor use of the public purse. Busy tonight listener !

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  • Trailer

    Launching on 1st March 2024, series 1 of Talking Taxis lets you share the insights of real Glasgow Taxi Drivers, telling their stories and sharing their opinions on a variety of subjects, all connected to the taxi trade. Listen, Like and follow to get episode notifications. Busy tonight listener.
  • 2. Treble Tops

    With no connection to either darts or football, Treble Tops explores the top three hot topics in the taxi trade presently. Making card payments in taxis seems like an obvious choice, but is it ? Do you know who will accept card payments and who will run a mile ? Next up is the night time problem of overcharging, don't let Dick Turpin catch you out. Finally we discuss our beautiful dear green place, the city of Glasgow. How is the city, we are all so proud of, looking at the moment. Is it looking its best or in desperate need of some TLC? Busy tonight listener?
  • 3. Drivers Tales

    In Driver's Tales we are joined by a trio who have been taxi drivers in Glasgow since dinosaurs roamed the Gallowgate. Shy, quiet and reserved are words which will never be used to describe our intrepid threesome. Often hilarious and occasionally poignant we hear the personal stories of how they managed to rack up a rake of years behind the wheel. Be ready with the volume control ! Busy tonight listener.
  • 4. Driver Recruitment

    In Episode 4 of Talking Taxis we hear from some of the trade's latest recruits. They share their experiences of joining the trade, the challenges of the Topographical Test, and try to dispel many of the myths which discourage people from changing career paths. This episode will put to rest any reservations that potential candidates may have. All too often the negative aspects of the trade are voiced. Here we have some refreshing positive views. Busy tonight listener!
  • 5. Looking In and Looking Out

    Episode 5 of Talking Taxis can best be described as 'drivers looking in the mirror'. What do the public really think of Glasgow Taxi drivers and how do drivers believe they are perceived by the public and are any of theses perceptions justified. What can drivers do to change these opinions and will it have a long term impact on the taxi trade. We hear drivers explore what they get right and what is wide of the mark. Will the trade be prepared to change or has that ship sailed. Busy tonight listener !
  • 6. Taxis To Troon

    In Episode 6 we hear from the guys who put together one of the biggest days in Glasgow's calendar, the annual Taxis to Troon outing. Taking place on 19 June this year and every year since 1945, hundreds of taxi drivers willingly give up a day to spread a mountain of joy amongst kids from local schools. The fancy dress cavalcade of taxis parades through the city before heading to Troon and creating a special event for everyone connected.One Day with a Lifetime of Memories.
  • 1. Glasgow's LEZ D Day

    With the crunch date approaching when Glasgow will lose hundreds of iconic black cabs we hear opinions from Taxi drivers, local councillors and Glasgow businessmen about the likely impact on the city, it's economy and in particular the night time economy. Straight talking in the manner you expect from Talking Taxis.
  • 2. More Driver Tales

    In this episode we hear from two new contributors from the ranks and some stalwarts. We hear some great stories, some hilarious, some poignant that typify the taxi trade in Glasgow. Lastly we hear drivers paying tribute to a colleague, Gerry Collins, who sadly passed away recently. Busy tonight listener !