Talking Community Safety

  • Maximise your community safety project income with grants

    In this episode of the Talking Community Safety podcast join our conversation to get tips on how to maximise your income - as a provider or commissioner of community safety projects with the use of grants.
  • Do You Know Older People Can Be Affected by Domestic Abuse?

    In this episode of the Talking Community Podcast learn more about how domestic abuse impacts on older people, and what you can do. With this interview with specialist expert Amanda Wynn.Amanda is an independent researcher and consultant in Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence, with an expertise around adults with disabilities and older people.Get more information on Amanda's consultancy at Talking Community Safety Podcast is brought to you by Community Safety Consultancy. Get more information online at
  • Tips On How To Effectively Commission Support Services For Domestic Abuse

    With over a decade's experience of strategically commissioning support services for vulnerable people, community safety and domestic abuse, we've got lots of insights! In this episode find out some of our advice on how to get the best out of the process.
  • How to overcome challenges to improve MARAC

    On this episode learn more about some of the challenges we've found in implementing a new multi-agency-risk-assessment-conference (marac) process.Find more information on our Community Safety Consultancy at
  • how you can develop your marac process for domestic abuse victims

    On this episode of the Talking Community Safety podcast get our expert insights into transforming the MARAC process for domestic abuse victims in our English county.