Talkin' Tofu


Sorry for Being Rad! (Wunder Egg and vegan bolognese)

Season 1, Ep. 141

This week on the show, we're talking about vegan bolognese and trying the new Wunder Egg! We also have a special guest: Robin Means from Vegan Dollhouse!


The thing you use to replace toe stops is called jam plugs.

To-Views: The Dungeons & Dragons movie.

News Item: 73% of Consumers Want Better Vegan Cheese, Report Finds

Robin's restaurant recommendation in San Francisco was Shizen. In Berkeley, she said to go to Butcher's Son.

Becky and Dave had Trader Joe's Meatless Bolognese; Robin had No Bull Bolognese.

Chili crisp is the condiment Becky is obsessed with.

Konjac is the root vegetable that was in the Wunder Eggs that also is used to make a lot of plantbased seafood.

Find Robin at the Vegan Dollhouse! She's on Instagram

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