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RobOATcop (Trader Joe's Oat Milks & Robocop Holiday Extravaganza!)

Season 1, Ep. 128

This week on the show, we're talking about Robocop while we sip on FIVE different flavors of Trader Joe's Oat Milk Beverages. It's gonna be a good time!


The flavors of Trader Joe's Oat Milk we tried were: plain, chocolate, pumpkin, nog, and maple.

Becky has not seen Blade Runner.

The two nostalgia movies Dave mentioned are Total Recall and Terminator 2. The video game was Leisure Suit Larry.

Watch Patriot. It's incredible.

The show about Detroit that Becky mentions is Detroiters. Watch it!

Here's the episode where we reviewed Chobani Oat Milk Oat Nog.

Here's the blog post, which includes written reviews and the reviews of a few of the flavors warmed up, as promised.

Here's a better vegan nog that you can make at home.

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