Talkin' Tofu


We Guaran-to It! (LightLife Chicken Breasts & Chobani Oat Nog)

Season 1, Ep. 126

This week on the show, we're talking about LightLife chicken breasts, lunch at Trashy Vegan in Asheville, and trying Chobani Oat Milk Oat Nog.

Show Notes:

The pizza that Dave brought to D&D was from La Calavera. You can listen to our episode about their vegan pizza!

This week's To-Views topics were Choose or Die, Chucky, and the Saved by the Bell reboot.

The arcade by Trashy Vegan is called the Retrocade.

The vegan cheesecake at Trashy Vegan is from Dare Vegan Cheese, a local Asheville cheesemaker who does excellent vegan cheeses.

News Item: Carvel’s First Vegan Ice Cream Cakes Are Here and They’re Made With Oat Milk

This is the soy curls recipe we were talking about.

The part of the Instant Pot that Becky mentioned might have caused the rice to be crunchy is the sealing ring.

The mug Becky mentioned was from Veggies Save the Day. She no longer sells them, but her recipes are great!

We sprinkled nutmeg on the nog.

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