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Don't Google that Hashtag (Hodo Scramble and Simple Truth Plant Based Cookies)

Season 1, Ep. 120

This week on the show, we're talking about Hodo Vegas All Day Egg Scramble and dinner at La Fonda Latina and trying Simple Truth Plant Based Chocolate Chip Cookies.


  • Correction: Becky was Luigi for Halloween, not Mario.
  • La Fonda was the dinner spot we went to, and Fellini's is the pizza place that has the same owners. We hear that Fellini's will use vegan cheese if you bring your own. We will test this theory for you, To-Heads!
  • We recorded this episode on World Vegan Day! Happy World Vegan Day, To-Heads!
  • News item: The best airlines for vegan meal options
  • If you want to make a tofu scramble from scratch, it's very easy. Here's a recipe.
  • And here's Becky's chili recipe.
  • The awful Simple Truth cookie mix was a dry mix made with okara flour. Do not buy! The Simple Truth cookies that rule are in the refrigerator section. It's pre-made dough balls that you bake yourself. Totally different from that box mix and from the pre-made cookies we tried on the pod. When you make the refrigerator dough cookies, give them 5 extra minutes in the oven, is Dave's recommendation.

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