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Happy 2023, Still (Good Planet Cheese & Philadelphia Vegan Cream Cheese)

Season 1, Ep. 132

This week on the show, we're talking about breakfast at Ess-a-Bavel, Good Planet Cheese Wedges, and the new vegan Philadelphia Cream Cheese.


Here's the episode where we talked about the Just Egg Bites that Dave has been making.

The non-alcoholic bar pop-up that Becky went to is called Zilch Market. The vegan cake they served there was from Cake Pharmacy. Not all their cakes are vegan, but they had one vegan variety there.

News Item: There’s Now a Vegan American Hot Pepperoni Pizza at Domino’s

Dave's cream cheese rec was Violife.

The other vegan cheese wedges Becky mentioned are from Laughing Cow. We haven't been able to find these to try yet.

Here's the episode where we ate the Australian gummies.

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