Talkin' Tofu


That's a Range! (Gardein Ultimate Plant Based Buffalo Wings)

Season 1, Ep. 109

This week on the show, we’re talking about Gardein Ultimate Plant Based Buffalo Wings and discovering live that we did a terrible job reading ingredients when we were snack shopping.

Episode notes:

  • News: Vegan Butterbeer Now at Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood
  • The nonprofit that moved the needle on vegan butterbeer is The Protego Foundation.
  • The non-vegan ingredient to look out for in buffalo sauce is butter. It helps the sauce stick to the wings, but you can use vegan butter for the same results.
  • Becky dipped her wings in Simple Truth Plant Based Ranch
  • The "Kamala Harris" we referenced was last week's letter writer. The Vice President isn't giving us recipe tips. Though we'd welcome them if you wanted to share some, Vice President Harris!
  • The first snack that wronged us was Neapolitan Oreos. They are not vegan! They contain honey powder.
  • Good & Gather Korean-Style BBQ Trail Mix ALSO contains honey!
  • The snack we ended up actually eating was Good & Gather Cashew, Almond, and Cranberry Trail Mix.
  • The letter this week was in response to our Beyond Jerky episode.

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