Talkin' Tofu


Same Cookie People Making Cookie (Cool Haus Ice Cream Sammies & Dirt Kitchen Snack Bars)

Season 1, Ep. 107

This week on the show, we’re talking about Cool Haus Ice Cream Sammies, dinner at The Argosy in East Atlanta, and trying the new pressed snack bars from Dirt Kitchen.

  • Don't worry, everyone. Becky moved the Letters to the end on the rundown.
  • The skating event Becky went to was at Pullman Yards. It was actually a Thursday night, and they do it weekly.
  • Dave premiered a theme song for To-News!
  • News item: Cell-cultured seafood startup Pearlita has developed the first plant-based oyster prototype to save the oceans from overfishing. 
  • New segment alert! Amy's Alternatives. In light of Amy's horrific treatment of workers, we're going to share the occasional alternative to Amy's products. This week: Indian Bowls.
  • The restaurant we ate at in East Atlanta is called The Argosy.

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