Talkin' Tofu


Talk About OOPS! (Breyers Oat Milk Vanilla)

Season 1, Ep. 146

This week we’re talking about our lunch at Crossroads Kitchen in LA. After that, it’s a big 'ol oops! We tried two snacks from our kitchen, but it turns out that one of them wasn't vegan! What we will eat and talk about is Breyer's new oat milk vanilla ice cream.


- The accidentally NOT vegan snack that we tried and cut out of this episode was Frosted Cherry Pop Tarts. Oops! :(

- Taproom Coffee is where we got the matcha lattes.

- Here is our episode about Crossroads Kitchen!

- News Item: Oatly Vegan Ice Cream to Be Served at 50+ Minor League Baseball Stadiums

- Brave Robot vanilla is Dave's vegan vanilla ice cream of choice.

- The vegan whipped cream that Becky eats like ice cream sometimes, because she's a goblin, is vegan Truwhip.

- Here's Becky's vegan wedge salad recipe, based on one we ate on our previous LA trip.

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