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Stuff You Dip into Stuff (Beyond Chicken Tenders & Favorite Day Cookies)

Season 1, Ep. 111

This week on the show, we’re talking about Beyond Chicken Tenders and trying Favorite Day chewy chocolate chip cookies. Yes, they’re VEGAN!

Show notes:

  • Here's the episode where we got honeyed.
  • The trail mix that is great with chocolate chips added is the Good & Gather Cashew, Almond, and Cranberry trail mix.
  • Here's the episode about the popping jellies.
  • If you're not familiar with Peter Hook & the Light, here's the wiki article about them. Peter Hook was in Joy Division and New Order, and he's touring with a new band playing songs from both catalogs. It's a real delight, if you were into either of those things or enjoy post punk jams in general.
  • News item: Urbani Foods is launching Misteak, a marbled vegan ribeye steak that taps into a new category of sustainable plant-based meat that replicates conventional whole cuts.
  • Here's the recipe for the jalapeno slaw we used in our tacos.
  • Want to know more about aquafaba? Read my primer!
  • Here's where you can find the older review of Beyond Chicken Tenders.
  • Simple Truth is the other brand that uses broad beans as a base in some of their non-dairy products.
  • The allergy warning Becky was talking about was "May Contain Milk". This is an allergy warning about shared equipment and the possibility of cross-contamination, not a warning that milk might be an actual ingredient. If you're avoiding animal products for ethical reasons, May Contain is nothing to sweat.

Thank you so much for listening. We record these episodes for you, and we'd love to hear from you. Got a favorite vegan treat that you think we should cover on the podcast? Send your suggestions to!

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