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Array Collective

Season 12, Ep. 12

New Talk Art! We meet ARRAY COLLECTIVE. For this AWESOME new episode, we meet a record five guests - all members of the collective: Clodagh, Jane, Thomas, Sighle and Emma.

Winners of the 2021 Turner Prize, Array Collective are a group of individual artists rooted in Belfast, who join together to create collaborative actions in response to the sociopolitical issues affecting Northern Ireland. Array’s studios and project space in the city centre acts as a base for the collective, however the participating artists are not limited to studio holders.

Array are based in one of the last remaining inner-city studio buildings in Belfast, and have been working together since 2016. The group maintain independent practices but come together regularly to protest the most urgent social justice issues particular to Northern Ireland: mental health, language rights, abortion, workers’ rights, social housing, gentrification and LGBTQ+ rights.

The Turner Prize jury awarded the prize to Array Collective for their hopeful and dynamic artwork which addresses urgent social and political issues affecting Northern Ireland with humour, seriousness and beauty. The jury were impressed with how Array Collective translate their activism and values into the gallery environment, creating a welcoming, immersive and surprising exhibition. The jury commended all five nominees for their socially engaged artworks, and how they work closely and creatively with communities across the breadth of the UK. The collaborative practices highlighted in this year’s shortlist also reflect the solidarity and generosity demonstrated in response to our divided times.

Array Collective eleven members are: Sighle Bhreathnach-CashellSinead Bhreathnach-CashellJane ButlerEmma CampbellAlessia Cargnelli, Mitch Conlon, Clodagh LavelleGrace McMurrayStephen MillarLaura O'Connor, Thomas Wells

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