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Listen to Kimmie and Kelsey as they talk about their love for 30 ROCK with bits of laughter and maybe just a tiny bit of night cheese.

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  • 72. #72: I Do Do (w/ Jake Robinson)

    Kimmie, Kelsey, and guest Jake Robinson close out Season 4 with a deep cut into ER, our favorite Michael Sheen roles, and a whole lot of Nancy Donovan impressions.**Also, we are going on a summer break - watch our social media for a return announcement!**tl;drEpisode: Season 4, Episode 22 // "I Do Do"Guest: Jake Robinson

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  • 71. #71: Emmanuel Goes to Dinosaur Land

    Jim Cramer is dead, Tina Fey is on Letterman, and handsome Dr. Drew is back. Liz and Wesley are just like Russ and Rebecca on Chums, Dennis gets to the real problem with Balloon Boy, and we get a lot more insight into Tracy's upbringing. There's a lot going on in this episode as we discuss S4E21, "Emmanuel Goes to Dinosaur Land".tl;drEpisode: Season 4, Episode 21 // "Emmanuel Goes to Dinosaur Land"
  • 70. #70: The Moms (w/ Our Moms)

    Because timing is everything.. in the week leading up to Mother's Day we get to talk about "The Moms" (S4E19) with OUR moms! That's right, today we have Carrie and Kerri (yes, our moms have the same name for all intents and purposes) here to talk about our favorite TV show (which is not their favorite TV show). We talk how broken Jenna is, how oddly supportive Colleen is, and our moms dole out some great advice when it comes to being moms and on settling vs having standards. Thank you, mom(s)! We love you!tl;drEpisode: "The Moms" // Season 4, Episode 20Guest: Kimmie's mom, Carrie & Kelsey's mom, Kerri
  • 69. #69: Argus

    It's another Classic episode of Kimmie and Kelsey talking about 30 Rock in the car. Listen as Kimmie falls in love with seat warmer, Kelsey gushes about "2 Dope Queens", and we talk all about "Argus" (S4E).
  • 68. #68: Khonani

    "God is crying on NBC," Tina Fey said at the Emmy's during the Conan/Leno debacle of 2010. In this episode, listen to Kimmie and Kelsey talk about the Late Night Wars parodied on "Khonani" (S4E18), Kimmie's strong feelings about David Letterman, as well as their commentary on passers-by at The Marketplace Grill Cafe in Downey. tl;drEpisode: "Khonani" // Season 4, Episode 18Episode Discussion Starts at: About 10:25
  • 67. #67: Lee Marvin vs. Derek Jeter (w/ Beowulf Jones)

    W're back with a REAL episode and we are joined by Beowulf Jones (@iambeowulf) to talk all about "Lee Marvin vs Derek Jeter" (S4E19) - where we really don't spend much time talking about either of them... but we do talk about how much Beowulf really doesn't like comedy (much less 30 Rock). We also talk about how sometimes 30 Rock handles things in ways that they really shouldn't, Liz's dating life, and Jack and his decision making. tl;drEpisode: Season 4, Episode 17 // "Lee Marvin vs. Derek Jeter"Guest: Beowulf Jones (@iambeowulf)Episode Discussion Starts at: 25:45
  • 66. #66: Pizza, Comic Books, and Grizz Chapman

    We're back from break and we might be down a host (just for this episode!) but joined by an awesome guest - Grizz Chapman (@grizz30rock)! Listen as Kelsey spends some time in a pizza shop getting to know the man behind one of our favorite entourage members. We talk about where Grizz started, life on set, friendships with cast members, learn a bit about his nerdy side, and hear what he's up to now! Make sure to check out Grizz's musician that he's working with, I Am Big East (;drEpisode:  Pizza, Comic Books, and Grizz ChapmanGuest: Grizz Chapman (@grizz30rock)