Tales of the Echowood


Flight of the Bumblebee - Teaser

Season 1

While testing a hypersonic space-plane above the Mojave Desert, pilot Susan Hart becomes obsessed with a set of strange lights that seem to follow her flight but no one else can see.

This teaser featured Isabella Tugman as Susan Hart, Sam Taylor as Ren Park, Psalm Morant as Marcus Edwards, Sandra Espinoza as SURGEON, Andrew Quilpa as SPOTTER, Axandre Oge as SYSTEMS, Lexa Childress as FIDO, Julian Dailey as PROP, and Stephen Indrisano as INCO. Directed by Madeleine Regina, written by Trevor Van Winkle, and produced by Virginia Spotts. This episode was produced in collaboration with Apollo Podcasts, as part of their 2022 Creator Showcase.

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