Tales of the brothers Rag & Bone

  • Bison hunting

    One day the Rag & Bone Bros were searching for a ceramic bison. As you do. They ended up at an all but forgotten factory -- Otto Kermaik in Rheinbach, Germany. Stepping inside for the first time felt like they were stepping back to the 1960s and the heydays of West German pottery. Nothing about the factory had altered in all the years. Well, nothing except its fortunes. Where it had once been abuzz with workers making iconic models and vases, now there was only Otto junior (son of the founder Otto Gerharz) and a part time worker left.When the Rag & Bone Bros tried to share their discovery and bring Otto junior’s bisons to the attention of the world they found that some people were not pleased.
  • Hubert and his vases

    One Christmas the brothers were running low on stock - a nightmare for any shop. Along came a man who looked like Santa Claus with thousands of vases for sale. This is the story of Hubert and his vases and how the Rag and Bone Brothers ended up with the DEAL OF A LIFETIME and had the best Christmas ever.The moral of the Tale is that getting a good deal isn't always about driving a hard bargain. It's about being ready to follow your nose no matter where it takes you. Even if you end up shivering in a German garage in the snow.
  • 1. Finding Marianne's Lamp

    This is the story of the Rag & Bone Bros' (aka Serkan and Junayd) first antiques hunting trip to Germany and the beautiful lamp they discovered in a Frankfurt market. Though they didn't know it at the time, they had uncovered a 1920s Bauhaus lamp designed by Marianne Brandt. In many ways it was this lamp that sealed their fate to be forever hunting the world for overlooked masterpieces.