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Tales of Darkness & Magic

Beth Gellert

Season 1, Ep. 15

Join Cornelius in todays dark and tragic tale of a faithful hound and his master.

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  • 23. Paddy O'Kelly and the weasel

    Join Cornelius Nightshade as he tells the tale of Paddy O'Kelly and his encounter with a mysterious weasel and the good people of faerie.
  • 22. Andrew Coffey

    Join Cornelius in this strange little tale. Did Andrew Coffey actually meet Patrick Rooney or was he dreaming all the time?
  • 21. Munachar and Manachar

    Will Munachar manage to hang Manachar for eating all his raspberries? Join Cornelius for this odd little tale and find out!
  • 20. The Ridere of Riddles

    Join Cornelius in this dark tale of poison and plotting. Will the brothers survive and prosper? Will the Knight of Riddles succeed in solving the riddle that the brothers set him?
  • 19. Jean Malin and the bull man

    Join Cornelius in this mysterious and dark tale of magic shapeshifting and a little boy who must save his mistress from the bull man.
  • 18. King O'Toole and his goose

    Join Cornelius in this strange little tale of King O'Toole, his goose and Saint Kavin.
  • 17. Gold Tree and Silver Tree

    Todays tale is one of a mother's jealousy for her daughter's beauty. Will Silver tree kill her daughter? Join Cornelius and find out.
  • 16. The field of boliauns

    Join Cornelius in this curious tale. Will Tom be tricked by the leprechaun or will find the crock of gold!