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  • Talent-Ed | Season 3 Episode 2: Oana lordachescu Head of Tech TA in the EU at Wayfair

    Welcome to Episode 2 of the THIRD season of the Talent-Ed podcast! This time around, Leo Harrison, Founder of Chapter 2 is joined by Oana Iordachescu, Head of Tech TA in the EU at Wayfair. Wayfair is one of the largest furniture and homeware e-commerce companies in the world, with a footprint across the US and Europe. Prior to starting in her current role, Oana was building fast-scaling teams at companies like, Zalando, Criteo and Facebook.  Leo and Oana discuss her career so far, how she approaches difficult talent markets, and the crucial role recruitment has to play in making workplaces more diverse and fair. Don’t miss this lively and insightful conversation!

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  • Talent-Ed | Season 3 Episode 1: Jeff Matthews, CEO at Talivest

    We’re back for the brand new Season 3 of The Talent-Ed podcast. For the first episode of the new season, we break through the Zoom screen and meet our guest face-to-face! In episode one, host Leo Harrison, Founder of Chapter 2, sits down with Jeff Matthews, CEO of Talivest. Few people have the level of experience Jeff holds when it comes to successfully scaling tech companies. His previous gig was as Global Head of Sales at LinkedIn, where he started out as employee number seven in the early days of the tech giant’s growth journey. Today, he’s heading up the innovative Talivest, where the team works to enrich employee satisfaction and transform the way companies think about staffing. Listen along as Leo and Jeff discuss the importance of employer engagement, company branding, growing a successful team, and all the challenges that come along with it. It’s a brilliant, insightful episode to kick-off the new season – don’t miss it!
  • Talent-Ed | Season 2 Episode 7: Mischa Walmsley, Senior Talent Partner at Element

    In episode 7 of the Talent-Ed podcast, your host Sophie Rigby, Business Development Director at Chapter 2, speaks to Mischa Walmsley, Senior Talent Partner at Element, about the competition for talent, hiring in modern times, mental health at work, and more. The tech industry has been under a lot of strain due to the talent shortage we’re experiencing and who better to talk about a way forward than a Senior Talent Partner at a high-growth business? This episode is filled with informative discussions and intriguing opinions on everything from the use of LinkedIn in recruiting, to how to advocate for mental health in your organisation. Mischa offers a refreshing perspective on modern hiring throughout the episode and you’ll be left with lots to think about. Connect with host Sophie Rigby. ( Or contact guest Mischa Walmsley. (
  • Talent-Ed | Season 2 Episode 6: Charlotte Curley, Recruitment Operations Manager at Octopus.

    Welcome to the 6th episode of the second series of the Talent-Ed podcast. Today, our host Sophie Rigby is joined by Charlotte Curley, Recruitment Operations Manager at Octopus. Working both agency and in-house for some amazing companies such as Rolls-Royce, PA Consulting, and at her current workplace Octopus, Charlotte has some incredible talent acquisition experience under her belt. In this episode, Charlotte shares her insight and lets us know her thoughts on the current climate, counter-offer culture, and how the control now often sits with the candidate. We also listen in on her experience with employer branding, how talent acquisition has changed as a result of the pandemic, and her tech talent tool recommendations for 2022 and beyond. To hear more about Charlotte’s expertise, and get a hiring head start for next year, listen to the full episode.
  • Episode 5 With Hessie Coleman

    In this episode of The Talent-Ed Podcast, host Sophie Rigby, Business Development Director at Chapter 2, virtually sits down with Hessie Coleman, Vice President of People at SEDNA Systems. Throughout the episode, Sophie and Hessie discuss SEDNA’s ultimate business goal: to reinvent the outdated use of email. By creating a unified workspace designed for focus and productivity, fostering more efficient communication, enriched collaboration, and smarter workflows across organisations, SEDNA are reimagining email from the ground-up. Founded in 2017, their business has gone from strength-to-strength, doubling in size over the last four years. Having employees in ten countries around the world, Hessie explains how SEDNA’s staff will always have time for each other, despite some necessary moments of asynchronous communication. With no set business values, but a strong company culture, SEDNA operates under the principles of their employees’ description of their organisation - highly collaborative, passionate people who are results-orientated, and always people-first team players.
  • Talent-Ed | Season 2 Episode 4: Sophie talks with Lorenzo Spina, Head of Talent at Peak

    Welcome to season 2, episode 4 of the Talent-Ed podcast. Today, our host Sophie Rigby chats to Lorenzo Spina, head of talent at Peak. Peak is a fast-growing organisation that’s making great headway in a brand new category of AI technology: Decision Intelligence. Sophie and Lorenzo discuss what it’s like recruiting for a rapidly scaling business, the challenges of hiring in different regions, and how they maintain their company values while growing the business. Lorenzo offers insight into how an organisation can use digital tools to improve their employer brand when hiring new employees. It’s a fascinating discussion, you don't want to miss it!
  • Talent-Ed Season 2 Episode 3: Sophie talks with Will Beaton, Head of People at MyTutor

    Talent-Ed Season 2 Episode 3: Sophie talks with Will Beaton, Head of People at MyTutor The Talent-Ed podcast provides in-depth guidance for ambitious business leaders who know the right talent attraction strategy is key to welcoming brilliant people into your business. In episode 3 of season 2, Will Beaton, Head of People at MyTutor, tells host Sophie Rigby about his experiences recruiting at scale in the Ed-Tech sector. MyTutor is an online platform that connects pupils and parents with trusted, high quality tutors. Driven by an increased demand for online learning, MyTutor has tripled in size over the last year, taking the business to a team of 150 employees. We discuss the challenges of creating culture during growth, hiring processes and how they change at scale, the future of flexible working and MyTutor’s ambitious plans to scale further. Listen now and find out: ✔️ How start-ups can build culture into their hiring process. ✔️ How to evolve your hiring strategy at scale. ✔️ Why it’s important to maintain good candidate experience during periods of growth. Get in touch with Sophie Rigby: Get in touch with Will Beaton: