Taking the Party out of Politics


The Wicked Issues

Season 2, Ep. 18

The Wicked Issues are the things which are really important, but which don’t get dealt with.

Climate Change. Saving for retirement. etc

Our MPs believe that the short-term challenges of dealing with the Wicked Issues mean they won't get re-elected.

Any MP who says that we should invest now (to save money or difficulties later) is an easy target for the media and for the opposition. Easy to say that they are irresponsible - even though they are actually being responsible!

Like NOT eating healthy food, or NOT getting some exercise, NOT dealing with The Wicked Issues just makes them harder to deal with later on.

But our MPs are wrong. We aren't that shallow. In 1997, Labour was elected on a promise to tax us more, so that there would be more money for the NHS. We recognised that this was the right thing to do.

How do we make it clear to our representatives that we do want them to take on The Wicked Issues ... before they get even worse?

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