Taking the Party out of Politics


Taking the Party out of Politics - Episode 6

Season 1, Ep. 6

Manifestos are declarations of what a candidate (or party) plans to do, if elected. If we vote for a candidate, and with that vote also vote for a party, then we are also voting to approve that list of promises.

After the election, the list of promises in a Manifesto is turned into a plan of action, in the Queen's Speech. 

After that, we should expect to see the government put those promises into action.

However, Governments are not actually very good at delivering on the promises in their manifestos. And they sometimes deliver stuff which wasn't in their manifestos. Not just small stuff. Big stuff, too.

We vote for the job lot, the whole list of promises in a Manifesto. Does that translate into us giving the government a mission to deliver on each one of those promises, individually? Does it become a Mandate?

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