Taking the Party out of Politics


Taking the Party out of Politics - Episode 2

Season 1, Ep. 2

An overview of why human beings come together, and why a certain amount of organisation and regulation of our lives (government) is good for getting things sorted out. We are able to live better if we cooperate and obey the laws (we give up a certain amount of freedom to do as we like), rather than to simply take what we want, and to constantly live trying to protect what little we have from someone bigger and stronger.

However, have the rules by which we live been set up entirely fairly? We call the deal, between those of us who agree to be governed and those who do the governing, a 'Social Contract'. Laws in return for safety. Taxes in return for public services. But was our Social Contract entirely fairly - or has it always been to the advantage of the strongest and the the richest?

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