Taking the Party out of Politics


Taking the Party out of Politics

Season 2, Ep. 17

The Media

Independent Perspective or a Spotlight which burns too brightly?

Journalists take pot shots from the side lines, but if they really knew better than our elected politicians, why aren't they standing for election?

Grabbing your attention!

The pressure of grabbing the headline, of getting the perfect soundbite, of analysing and speculating before the announcement, all in the overexposure of a 24 hour news cycle.

Too much power in too few hands.

It can seem as though we have different newspapers, TV and radio stations, but actually an awful lot of it is owned by just a few companies and people.

Digital Media

It can seem as though we are by passing the 'controlled' media, but actually we end up with no filter, no quality control, and so we end up listening to certain sources - we create our own control, in our own internet bubble.

Bad news sells. If it bleeds, it leads.

It can be hard to have a sense of perspective, but every day, billions of people have a perfectly good day. Good things happen slowly, but they still happen. Bad things just grab our attention.

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