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Press to Play

Season 2, Ep. 17

By 1985, Paul McCartney is lost. The critical and commercial bomb of Give My Regards to Broad Street severely shook his confidence. Paul jumps right back in the studio to record his "comeback album" with then in-vogue producer Hugh Padgham (Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, The Police) to turn in Press to Play in 1986. This eccentric "high 80s" album scored a few slightly successful singles including the featherweight "Press" and the #1 smash hit "Spies Like Us" for the John Landis movie of the same name. Love it or hate it, we're here to talk about it. One of the album's B-sides says it best: “It's got me confused, I'm split down the middle. Conflicting reviews of our life coming in. It's tough on a tightrope.” Tune in to find if it's (not) true.

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