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Off the Ground

Season 3, Ep. 21

After the heavily produced and commercially successful Flowers in the Dirt, plus the well received The Paul McCartney World Tour in 1989-1990, Paul decided his follow-up would be recorded “live in the studio.” 1993’s Off the Ground, the fruits from the 1991-1992 recording sessions, is a mixed bag. Off the Ground: The Complete Works, a collection of B-sides and songs that didn't make the album, reveals many great songs lurking under the often flimsy surface of the official album. Highlights of the period include “Hope of Deliverance,” “Big Boys Bickering,” “Style Style,” “Get Out of My Way,” and the title track. The last of Paul’s writing collaboration with Elvis Costello (for now) appears on the album as well. If you are looking for the painting that inspired the song, click here. C’mon people, won’t join us for this very fun episode? After all, it wouldn’t take a lot...to get off the ground.

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