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McCartney III

Season 4, Ep. 36
Chris and Paul take to the mic to tackle the latest McCartney release - the conclusion to a trilogy 50 years in the making. With McCartney III, Paul finds himself once again crafting a homespun record born of sudden time on his hands, this time the result of a global pandemic and a pause in the music business (rather than the band shake-ups that spurred McCartneys I and II). Of course, no pandemic could put a pause on the business of Paul McCartney...and Macca's creative engine is still firing on all cylinders. From up-front rockers like “Lavatory Lil” and “Slidin'” to the jammy, effortless atmosphere of “Deep Deep Feeling” and “Long Tailed Winter Bird,“ there's lots to discuss. Take It Away co-founder Chris Mercer is joined by fellow music podcaster Paul Kaminski (The Third MenNow Hear ThisYesterday & Today) to weigh in on this complex, exciting new record - and to thank the incredible TIA listeners for all the love and support these past few months. This episode (and all episodes) of the show is dedicated to the music and memory of Ryan Brady. So welcome back to the fold, friends - you can see our podcast through windows in our hair.Email us:

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  • 46. Living in the Material World (pt 2)

    Try some of this episode! We're back for the second and final installment of our look back at George Harrison's 1973 album Living in the Material World - a masterpiece to many and a worthy follow-up to All Things Must Pass. In this episode, we'll conclude our track-by-track analysis of the record, including album highlights "Be Here Now," "Who Can See It," and of course the title track "Living in the Material World" - George's ode to rock and roll life and simultaneous yearning to escape it. This collection of nearly all new material was a smash success commercially, though its critical reception would be but a preview of challenges to come for George later in the decade. That is all for Season 5 of Take it Away, and we'd like to thank everyone for joining us on this foray into the solo work of George Harrison. We'll see you next time as the 70s rage on, the albums multiply, and an upstart record label appears on the scene...
  • 45. Living in the Material World (pt 1)

    We're living in the material world! And we're excited to be giving you part one of a two-part TAKE IT AWAY series detailing the inception, writing, recording, and release of George Harrison's epic LP: LIVING IN THE MATERIAL WORLD! In 1973, after a (nearly) three-year absence from record store stands, Harrison returned to the charts with the follow-up studio album to 1970's ALL THINGS MUST PASS -- and thanks to the mammoth success of that album and its singles, anticipation for this new release was at a fever pitch. Thankfully for fans and critics alike, the lead single did not disappoint, and both "Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)" and its corresponding album shot to the top of the charts in short order. But while George's commercial successes continued, Living in the Material World showed the world another, darker side of his life -- one fueled by the temptations of both rock stardom and spiritual enlightenment. In this first episode we'll uncover the path toward this crossroads, and drill in on the songs that tell the story of a Pisces fish at a fork in the road...
  • BONUS: Yesterday, Today and Bangladesh

    As we prepare our deep dive into George Harrison's Living in the Material World LP, the Take it Away podcast has once again partnered with the Yesterday & Today podcast to give you a holistic glimpse into the world of the former Beatles in the summer of 1971. Yesterday & Today - currently on its 185th episode at the time of this release - is a chronological journey of the world's most famous band using interviews, music and rarities collected since the debut of John, Paul, George and Ringo onto the world stage. Nowhere else this side of Tune In covers the Beatle world in such meticulous detail from start to finish, and this re-presentation of the show's 50th episode details the very time period we're focused on now in the Take it Away podcast. So sit back, turn off your mind, relax and download the stream - we hope you will enjoy the show.
  • 44. The Concert for Bangladesh

    When George Harrison's friend came to him, sadness in his eyes - he told George that he wanted help, before his country died. And help is what he got. Enter rock's first major charity concert experience, the night that set the template for benefit shows for decades to come... the Concert for Bangladesh. Organized and headlined by George Harrison in response to friend Ravi Shankar's dismay over the ongoing humanitarian crisis in war-torn Bangladesh, this star-studded event helped rock'n'roll graduate from youthful idealism to pragmatic maturity. While not the first charity concert (nor the first George was in attendance for), this major media event carried into the spotlight by the star power of a former Beatle (still riding high from his successful solo debut the prior December), The Concert for Bangladesh in its various iterations raised millions of dollars and worldwide awareness for the suffering Bengal people. The Take it Away podcast now takes a deep dive into the event, the grammy-winning live album, and the legacy of this grand gesture of commitment to the human race. 
  • 43. All Things Must Pass (pt 3)

    A podcast may not last all day, but we sure do let it roll. Take it Away is proud to present the third and final installment of our analysis and review of George Harrison's solo masterpiece All Things Must Pass -- and to start we turn our attention to the oft-overlooked instrumental spotlight known as Apple Jam. George Harrison and some principal players from the 18 lyrical contributions to All Things Must Pass use this full third disc to unleash 29 minutes worth of musical prowess, virtuosity, and improvisational ability unseen anywhere else in Beatles or solo Beatles canon. All this, plus album reception, legacy, and some words from Robert Christgau in the grand finale to our look back at one of the great statements in rock and roll.
  • 42. All Things Must Pass (pt 2)

    Let us in here, you know we've been here. Let us in for part two! The Take it Away podcast returns with the second installment in our three-part deep dive into All Things Must Pass by George Harrison. In the previous episode we covered the inception and recording of this triple album set - starting from the last gasp of the Beatles in those early months of 1970 right up through its release in time for the holiday season that same year. This time around we're picking back up where we left off on our track-by-track analysis with a look at the epic second single “What is Life,” and ending at the finale of the initial lyrical compositions with “Hear Me Lord.” While we roll on out the door, we want to hear what your favorite cuts from this solo masterpiece are! Because who are we, without you by our side?
  • BONUS: Go Fund Denny Laine

    Join us for a special bonus episode of Take It Away devoted to former Wings member and friend of the show Denny Laine. At the moment, Denny is struggling with serious health problems, and we’ve gotten together to promote his GoFundMe, inform our listeners about his situation, and take a moment to reflect on how important Denny is to us musically. We talked to Denny’s wife Elizabeth Hines for an update on Denny’s health and spent a little time discussing a few of our favorite Denny songs.There is a benefit concert for Denny in LA on Nov. 27: can donate to Denny’s GoFundMe here: 
  • BONUS: Now and Then

    Welcome to a special BONUS episode of the Take it Away podcast! This past week the world experienced a rarity decades in the making - the advent of a new single by The Beatles titled "Now and Then." Hardcore fans would of course be familiar with this track as the third John Lennon song attempted by Paul, George and Ringo in 1995 for the Anthology project - another demo in the spirit of "Free As A Bird" and "Real Love," which was left unfinished at the time and, as Paul put it, "languishing in a cupboard" for nearly 30 years. Thanks to Peter Jackson's MAL technology, John's demo has been cleaned and separated in spectacular fashion, and the song has at last seen the light of day, and more than that is now the #1 record in the UK charts at the time of this recording. Even MORE spectacular than that? Chris Mercer has not heard the track yet. So join Paul and Chris for a real-time reaction to this piece of Beatles history, experienced in the moment for the first time by Chris Mercer and discussed with the love and attention of the Take it Away podcast.
  • 41. All Things Must Pass (pt 1)

    It all begins here! The dawn of the Beatles solo era is filled with some of the most memorable, innovative and downright classic moments from all four former fabs - but none left an initial impact quite like George Harrison. An epic 3-disc set, George's All Things Must Pass was more than a simple collection of songs - it was a statement to the world (and to his former bandmates) that he was a musical force to be reckoned with. In this episode of Take it Away, we'll take a look back at the inception of this mammoth release, and use the context accrued over our "Beatle George" installments to glean insight into Harrison's approach, songwriting, and production style. Join us for an intimate look back at our sweet George - hallelujah!