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  • 12. Feminist Futures

    In this episode, Nora talks about what organizing could look like, especially as the need to confront the far right becomes more and more obvious.

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  • 11. Anticapitalist, Antiracist and Decolonial Feminism

    In this episode, Nora talks about what feminism needs to be if it truly wants to end sexist patriarchy: anticapitalist, antiracist and decolonial.
  • 10. Feminists and power

    In this episode, Nora talks about feminism and state power: what happens when self-described feminists get into power, and what role do feminists in the streets play in changing policy?
  • 9. Leadership

    In this episode, Nora talks about leadership: what it means for movements, what it does to individuals and what feminists can learn from the far-right leader machine.
  • 8. Ad Hoc Feminism

    In this episode, Nora talks about ad hoc organizing: from calling a rally to a focus solely on mobilizing, ah hoc feminism can be difficult, if not impossible to turn into a more organized and permenant movement. What does that mean for the demands that ad hoc feminism puts forward?
  • 7. Knowledge

    In this episode, Nora explores knowledge: how mainstream knowledge warps understandings of what's possible, and how knowledge production and dissemination is key to the work of any social movement organization.
  • 6. Debates

    In this episode, Nora talks about debates: why they're important, how they change us and how they ready us to bring ideas to a mass audience. She also talks about avoiding toxic social media debates and what happens when debates don't happen and people can self-declare that fascist ideology related to the gender binary is feminism.