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Eps 076: Wholesaling Cold Calling | Expert Tips With Nicholas Nick

Ep. 76

Nicholas is a former restaurant manager of 14 years and after that I went on to become an executive at a Real Estate Education Company. He used these two past life paths and was able to forge his way to own the best Lead Generation Company in the real estate space!

With over $1million in revenue Nick's company, Lead Mining has climbed and sustained itself to an amazing level.

Learn more about Nicholas, and get access to his amazing Cold Calling Course visit https://www.veuniversity.net/courses/cold-calling-course

Key Moments In This Episode


*Who is Nicholas and how he became a marketing expert

*Why everyone should cold call

*How to go in with confidence when cold calling

*Why cold calling is the best way to connect with people

*Two Things you must do in order to have more success with cold calling

To watch the interview with Nicholas visit, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SELWMMtgfKE&t=224s

Get access to Nick's amazing cold calling course here https://www.veuniversity.net/courses/cold-calling-course

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