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145 | How to Organize Your PR Efforts with Brittney Lynn

Season 6, Ep. 145

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Today's episode is about how to organize your pr efforts because it can get a little cray cray when it comes to pitching yourself to multiple things at multiple times.


Brittney Lynn is a PR & Online Marketing Strategist for online entrepreneurs worldwide. She has nearly 10 years of experience working in the online marketing industry and has a passion for helping others grow their reach, revenue, and impact through strategic PR.

She's also the host of the Day in the Life podcast, which gives a glimpse into the daily lives of people from across the world who work in a variety of industries. Stepping into the lives of these fascinating guests will encourage, inspire and challenge listeners as they share in each guest's trials and triumphs, learning that we are all connected and are more alike than we realize.

She's based in Dallas, Texas with her husband and pup.







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