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The Platinum Era of Estate Planning Pt. 2 - Ep. 26

Join Stephanie Alper-Lisi and Robert Stuchiner as they take on The Platinum Era of Estate Planning Pt. 2. On today’s show, we talk with Robert about what has changed in estate planning since we last spoke. From how the race for the white house and the stimulus can raise or decline estate tax, to how brokers can zero out their clients' exposure to estate tax. Please contact Synergy Life Brokerage at, so we can elaborate on some of these complex strategies.

Show Notes:

00:00 Welcome to Synergy Thinking

00:42 What’s changed in estate planning since we’ve last spoken and how may the election affect the rise or decline?

03:12 How might the government stimulus affect the 23 million dollar tax exclusion?

06:06 How can you zero out exposure to a clients estate tax

10:04 How intergenerational split dollar can help your children avoid large 

13:08 How the 75/20 rate of the internal revenue code makes this the platinum era for estate planning

14:19 Why the 75/20 rate can help you make a tax deductible donation and clear estate tax, pretax

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