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Start the NEW YEAR with Networking Success with Rebecca Maxwell of Asentiv NYC - #019

Join Stephanie Alper-Lisi and Rebecca Maxwell of Asentiv NYC as they take a deep dive into networking success in the new year. On today’s show, we talk with Rebecca Maxwell about networking, common misconceptions about networking, when is the right time to expand networks with existing relationships and how to leverage a clients network to expand your business. Learn more about how to connect with Synergy Life Brokerage, Rebecca Maxwell and Asentiv and how you can discuss this with your clients today at

Show Notes:

00:00 Who is Synergy Life Brokerage

00:37 Who is Rebecca Maxwell?

01:17 What is networking and what are some common misconceptions?

02:50 What are some of the myths that are out there that you've seen?

04:03 How long does it take to really deepen that relationship in order to see you business starts to evolve?

06:12 What are some other myths that are completely wrong when it comes to networking strong business relationships?

07:17 When is the right time to leverage a clients network to begin to expand your business?

08:50 What other ways can advisors expand their network and where should they be looking?

10:32 What kind of clients do you and Asentiv work with? 

12:14 What kind of program does Asentiv offer attorneys, CPA’s and/or financial advisors?

13:14 How can listeners take advantage of the variety of opportunities offered by Asentiv?

13:38 How advisors can contact Synergy Life Brokerage and acquire information on Asentiv and networking?

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