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Deep Dive into Disability With Cara Sharpe of NJLTC - #018

Join Stephanie Alper-Lisi and Cara Sharpe of NJLTC as they take a deep dive into disability insurance. On today’s show, we talk with Cara about who should be buying disability insurance, how long does a disability insurance benefit period last, if guaranteed issue options exist for disability insurance, and more! Learn more about how to connect with Synergy Life Brokerage, Cara Sharpe and NJLTC and how you can discuss this with your clients today at

Show Notes:

00:00 Who is Robert Stuchner and Stephanie Alper-Lisi

00:45 Who is Cara Sharpe and what does NJLTC do for their clients?

01:39 Who should be buying disability insurance?

03:17 Do consumers who work for companies that offer long term disability need an individual plan?

05:50 How long does a disability insurance benefit period last?

07:26 What are the typical insurance carriers in this marketplace?

08:30 Do pre existing conditions exclude consumers from getting disability insurance?

09:40 How does NJLTC work with business owners looking to protect themselves with disability insurance?

11:28 What’s the process look like for advisors looking to get their clients disability insurance?

12:48 Do clients need to offer a medical exam to receive disability insurance?

13:17 Do guaranteed issue options exist for disability insurance?

15:29 How advisors can contact Synergy Life Brokerage and acquire information on disability insurance 

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