Sweet Stories in the Dell


Episode 5, Part 2: Researching the Palimpsest of Sweet Briar's History

Season 1, Ep. 9

For the past few months, Caperton Morton ’85 has been working on this very special 2-part episode of “Sweet Stories in the Dell,” Sweet Briar’s podcast. In this episode, Caperton talks with Prof. Dwana Waugh, who is a professor of history specializing in American history and desegregation. Prof. Waugh teaches “History Detectives,” a course formerly known as “Doing Sweet Briar History,” which investigates the history of Sweet Briar through research conducted by students.


You will also hear from Ashanti Brown ’24, granddaughter of Preston Brown and descendant of some of Sweet Briar’s enslaved families, including Nannie Christian. Ashanti takes what she learned in the classroom and conducts her own oral history interview, which you’ll also hear in this episode.

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