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  • 3. How to Practise Mindfulness in Design

    By incorporating mindfulness into my daily routine, including mindful breathing exercises and moments of gratitude, I have developed a heightened sense of presence and focus, enabling me to approach each design task with renewed energy and creativity.

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  • 2. What is Customer Experience

    CX design is the process of creating a positive and seamless experience for customers. It's all about understanding your customers' needs, wants, and preferences, and designing your products and services to meet those needs.
  • 1. Design Q&A: Episode 1

    You have asked me a bunch of question over time on various social media platforms. I may have gotten back to you with individual responses but then somebody else would come along and ask the exact same question. So, I decided to compile all of yours frequently asked questions and make a podcast out of it.This is one of the first episodes in Q&A format. I will do more of these in the future - so if you want something answered, simply reach out to me with your question.
  • 5. Do designers need domain specialization?

    Can designers afford to be generalists or is there a need for them to focus and excel in a specfic domain or an industry? It is a question that I asked myself a decade ago and decided to go on a path that would make me really good in one thing and one thing only; and it helped!
  • 4. What do design titles really mean?

    In this episode, we take a look at various titles and positions used by designers and their employers. While most of the roles are straightforward and describe what the designer really does, some titles are already confusing and to add insult to injury; designers use these terms without really knowing what it means. I will try to clear up the fog around designer titles so that you can use your title with confidence.
  • 3. Why Introverts Don't Make Great Designers

    A designer's career is very much reliant on their ability to express and articulate themselves. Design is not something you sit in the back bench and do in solitude. Design follows a process where you need to interact with users and stakeholders at every stage of the project life cycle. In this podcast, I will break it down for you why you, as a designer need to verbose about what you do and always keep a tab on the people around you who make an impact on what you do.
  • 2. Why are Government Websites so Bad?

    We're talking about Nepal government websites. There are so many of them but each one of them has their own unique crippling user experience, awful design aesthetics and messed up content priorities. Are these websites really dumb or they're actually quite smart to be dumb by design? In this episode we see some of the reasons why Nepali government websites have terrible UX, and hopefully by able to prescribe few solution to stakeholders.