Surviving Empathy


Everything Empath! An Episode for Empaths by Empaths.

Season 2, Ep. 4

Rebecca and I talk about everything empath, from dealing with the real world to how to deal with mental health upkeep as highly sensitive people, to how to put up with hardship and harshness out there. We'll talk about blocking and filtering, the benefits of ritual and ceremony, and then, borrowed from an article by acclaimed Doctor and self-acclaimed empath and author Judith Orloff, MD, 5 protection strategies for empaths. It's always a light and fun show when my wife and cohost can be here to join us! We try hard to talk about real life things and real world strategies and techniques to better the lives, lifestyle, and mental health of our more highly sensitive people and those empaths out there like us. Thanks again for being a part of our empath community, our empath tribe if you will. Please enjoy!

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BONUS! Chef Bry's Food for Thought!, Wednesday Review, Scammers & Scam Baiting, Living Boldy & Kindly in these Times Part 2

Season 4, Ep. 28
On this thoughtful episode, Rebecca and I announce the new podcast & YouTube show Bry's Food for Thought! Then we go into the post-holiday blues, and how do we get the year off on the right foot, despite feeling sort of uggo about winter and post-holiday letdown., Then we'll talk all about my newest TV viewing addiction, scammers and scam baiting, a phenomenon where scammers, mostly from countries like India try to scam old people, the vulnerable, and those technologically disinclined folks out of thousands of dollars, if not their entire life savings! We'll discuss the details of the scams, those who are most vulnerable, and the counter-initiative by YouTubers who take on these scammers, called scam baiting, where they essentially collect evidence, annoy, and try to discourage and levy information to discourage and get law enforcement to shut these scammers down. But because of lax laws, bribes and payoffs, and India's inherent corruption, sometimes they aren't always caught or disincentivized as they should, but they simply relocate and start up again. We'll break down these scammer's methods, as well as how Youtubers, scam baiters, and regular people can fight back and empower themselves to not get duped, as well as finding ways to not generalize about Indian people just because of a handful of bad eggs doing bad things. We'll also talk about how much fun it is to watch, but just how serious and dangerous this type of thing is!Then in part 2 we'll pick up the conversation about regressive systems and fighting to move society forward. We'll also talk about some very encouraging new scientific research about how we might one day soon be able to hack our brains through science, to discover the root causal link between depression and a lacking in motivation and ambition, to find a way to hack our brains to not lose ambition during depressive episodes. Then, our Wednesday review of the hit Netflix show based on The Addams Family, and the positive message it sends about being yourself and letting people be different, and to embrace your innner-wierdo in essence! Lastly, we'll wrap things up by talking about how to live in an often exploitative, sometimes unkind and unfriendly society, and how we might keep our productivity, positivity, joy, and kindness at the forefront of your lives despite the inherent mediocrities and perils of the modern living in the "modern" world. Thanks so much for your friendship and support, we'll be back to season 5 of this here Surviving Empathy in just a couple of weeks! Do look out for the new YouTube show and podcast Chef Bry's Food for Thought! at, as well as movie and paranormal TV reviews on the Chef Bry Comedy YouTube channel! We're looking to have a lot of fun, but to also help folks and try to make some good in this world the best way we know how! Thanks for being a part of our effort, to be down to earth, fun loving, intelligent and sensible people who are committed to building bridges, coalitions, and a sense of community and good cheer, and to help folks navigate this big unusual but oftentimes beautiful world together! Please come on over to the YouTube channel and subscribe, it's totally free and helps us out tremendously! Links are down below! Here's to new better things, and happy new year everyone!Bry and RebeccaSupport the show! Bry Comedy | Twitter, Instagram, Facebook | Linktree