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A show about real estate.

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  • #2 Rent or Buy with Suze Orman

    The finance expert to the world Suze Orman gives us her advice on the perennial question: should I rent or am I ready to buy? We throw her a Bay Area test case.
  • # 1 Detrimental Conditions

    What happens to a home after a murder or suicide takes place on the premises? What if it is the most famous American double homicide ever? We ask the guy who is the world expert on all bad things that can happen to a property. They call him the Master of Disaster. Plus Lila plays ghost hunter and Kate goes on a ride along with a crime scene cleaner.
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    Surreal Estate: a show about real estate. A brand new podcast all about housing and its many discontents hosted by Kate Osborn and Lila Shapiro.