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A podcast about the paranormal, the credibility of the creepy, and the science of the spooky, Superduperstitious is a podcast that looks at the mysterious world of the paranormal and says, "Wait. What?" Hosts Wyatt Shell
Latest Episode5/22/2020

Episode 108 – NOW That's What I Call Spooky Spots! 2020

Ep. 108
We might all still be stuck inside for a while, but there’s plenty of traveling in this week’s ep!A solid 78 episodes after their first foray into far flung frights, the boys are once again exploring mysterious locations. Jake’s up first, with a notorious lost American town that is… not really a big deal? It seems like? Find out what exactly happened to Dudleytown, CT and how cursed it wasn’t.Wyatt then takes us all on a road trip! Where to? Some roads, of course! The most haunted in the U.S., if this highly esteemed car rental blog is to be believed. Buckle in and find out if this spookometer really goes all the way up to 5, baby.If those horrifying creatures creeping down out of the woods by your house get to be too much, accelerate your car to at least 230 mph and join in for an all-new Superduperstitious!EPISODE LINKSDonate to the Autistic Self Advocacy Network: Shop: Phantoms email: fourphantomsbeer@gmail.comFour Phantoms pickup location: Phantoms on Untappd:’ storyDudleytown, CT: Shadowlands: photos:’s storiesCar Rentals dot com:

Episode 107 – Preventative Measures

Ep. 107
Sometimes, pseudoscience and conspiracy theories are just some goofy, harmless fun. This is not one of those times.Today’s episode is all about giving due diligence to some big names in fringe medical “science” whose dangerous misinformation has caused lasting harm. Meet Andrew Wakefield, the British former doctor who is the sole reason anyone has ever believed in a link between vaccines and autism. How did he reach that conclusion? By lying. For money. Joining him is Judy Mikovits, retrovirus enthusiast who decided to yes-and Wakefield’s work by linking vaccines not only with autism, but with CFS and just about every imaginable cancer, too. Her secret? Also lying.It’s a fraud free-for-all, with some helpful vax facts to boot — all on this week’s Superduperstitious!EPISODE LINKSMerch Shop: Phantoms email: fourphantomsbeer@gmail.comFour Phantoms pickup location: Phantoms on Untappd:’s storiesAndrew Wakefield: Wakefield #1: Wakefield #2: Wakefield #3:’s storyJudy Mikovits (fake bio): (real bio): to the Autistic Self Advocacy Network:

Episode 105 – We Pick Three Minus One Equals Four: Items Edition

Ep. 105
Remember that time in Episode 62 when Wyatt and Jake picked three random creatures apiece to take turns talking about? Yeah, neither do they. So it’s weird artifacts time instead, and not as many of them!This week, Wyatt’s got a mysterious manuscript and a forgotten language, while Jake describes a weird hammer and struggles to pronounce Aztec names. Presenting the Codex Gigas, the coolest giant old book since the Voynich manuscript, but also older! And don’t get us started on the London Hammer. Is it 100-million-year-old proof of human civilization? 400-million-year-old? And does that make it also proof that the Earth is NOT old? Don’t expect to find any answers on Easter Island, where the potential language Rongorongo remains indecipherable beyond potential 1990s hit song lyrics. Also, terrifying whistles and a cute bird happen.Don’t cry for me, next-door neighbor — listen to this brand new episode of Superduperstitious!EPISODE LINKSMerch Shop: Phantoms email: fourphantomsbeer@gmail.comFour Phantoms pickup location: Phantoms on Untappd:’s storiesCodex Gigas: ol’ Devil illustration:’s storiesThe London Hammer: with shell:’s history as a football field: Death Whistles: NYT article: Quijas Yxayotl: whistle video:

Episode 104 – The Mines of Morphia

Ep. 104
Listen, we’ve been over this before, but it bears repeating: not EVERY episode has to have a theme.Unless of course that theme is random crap! Jake tackles underground spookums, while Wyatt gets a bit more metaphysical on this week’s ep. We’re talking ghosts, we’re talking ghouls, we’re talking rats in Massachusetts making rats in Australia smarter for some reason. A delightful mix of ghost stories, some interesting biology, and a whole pile of steaming hot pseudoscience — we’ve got it all baby!Grab a pickaxe and exactly one hundred monkeys and meet us in an hour — it’s time for Superduperstitious!EPISODE LINKSMerch Shop: Phantoms email: fourphantomsbeer@gmail.comFour Phantoms pickup location: Phantoms on Untappd:’s storyThings That Go Bump in the Coal Mine Part I: II: III: IV: V:’s storyMorphic resonance: Skeptic’s Dictionary: post:

Episode 102 – Superstitions Part I: Superstitiousness

Ep. 102
It’s Special Report time, mofos! And also long past time that the podcast looked into its namesake.That’s right: this latest two-parter is all about superstitions! And you’d be amazed how hard it is now to type that word normally, without the “duper”. In Part I, Jake covers good luck, Wyatt covers the bad, and they both hit the ugly. On the good luck side, it’s all about salt and how it can ward off evil! But not meta-demons, whatever the goddamned hell those are. Good times! Also: lucky snack bags in Taiwan.On the bad luck side, CURSES. Mummy ones, puberty ones, and all the signs to determine if an evil wizard has given you one. Sorry, not a wizard, a practicer of black majique. Is there any reason NOT to assume that every small inconvenience in your life is connected? We may never truly know.It’s time to start exploring the beliefs we all believe and why we believe them, in Part I of this Superduperstitious Special Report!EPISODE LINKSMerch Shop: Phantoms pickup location: Phantoms on Untappd:’s storyGhostly Activities article (salt): Kuai culture: helpful translation:’s storyMummy’s curse: Classic Signs You’ve Been Cursed: