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How faith makes our communities stronger

We live in an increasingly technological world, with advancements past generations never could have dreamed of. Yet, we feel increasingly isolated and without a sense of place in the world. Neighbourhoods no longer feel

Finding Greatness in Everyday Cooking

Season 2020, Ep. 5
Cooking at home can be a chore. Yet, the cookbooks and shows we turn to for inspiration can give us the impression cooking needs to be expensive and complicated. This episode explores a better way, set forth in the book The Supper of the Lamb by Robert F. Capon. Today, Fr. Stephen interviews Amanda McGill about Capon's reflections on cooking. As a parish priest and writer, the late Fr. Capon brought a Christian perspective on food, cooking, and eating as gifts from God which show His goodness in ordinary things. McGill unpacks some reasons why this perspective can bring deeper significance to the mundane task of cooking, and can bring a deeper sense of rootedness to our homes and lives.Episode HighlightsWhy The Supper of the Lamb is worth readingWhat led Amanda to writing about the bookHow Capon helps us find the greatness in small thingsHow cooking and eating can be a kind of healthy worshipCapon's applicability to real cooking vs. romanticized cookingFestal vs. Ferial cookingHow to appreciate food without over-indulgingThe delights of Capon's humour and writing styleFurther ReferenceThe Supper of the Lamb by Robert F. Capon.The Supper of the Lamb and Lent-Pandemic Cooking by Amanda McGill. An article reflecting on Robert Capon's "Supper of the Lamb" and why it is particularly relevant during our pandemic.The Homely Hours Website. A blog dedicated to bringing church worship into our homes, helping people develop an Anglican family spirituality which works for households today.The North American Anglican Website. A web journal exploring faith and culture from an Anglican perspective.To Connect with Fr. StephenChurch WebsiteTwitter feedSubscribe through Apple PodcastsSubscribe through Google Podcasts

Faith in a Time of Quarantine

Season 2020, Ep. 4
Faith in community is always challenging. But what about faith when a community is quarantined? Today, Fr. Stephen talks with Josh Wang about the current CoronaVirus quarantine. Josh is pastor of Renewal Church, which serves the community of Barrhaven. He's also a long-time friend of Fr. Stephen. In this conversation, they discuss the quarantine, the effect it is having on home and church life, and what this experience is teaching them about faith, life and ministry.Episode HighlightsFamily life under the "Shelter in Place" orderThe effect on relationships with wider communityProcessing grief over our situation, without despairThe importance of lament and sorrowJesus' care for our personal needs, despite how small they seemCovid's effect on how we do churchPositive changes being brought to the churchPros and Cons of using technology in maintaining church communityFaith formation at homeReflections on Holy Week during quarantineChanges to preaching & worshipFurther Reflection1 Thessalonians 4:13-18. A scripture passage reminding us that we are free to grieve real losses without losing all hope.The Raising of Lazarus. A scripture passage from John 11, telling about the resurrection of LazarusEphesians 2:11-22. A scripture passage describing the church members as a building, constructed by God and held together by JesusTo Connect with JoshRenewal Church WebsiteOn FacebookOn InstagramTo Connect with Fr. StephenChurch WebsiteTwitter feedSubscribe through Apple PodcastsSubscribe through Google Podcasts

How to Make a Plant Love You

Season 2020, Ep. 2
We all know plants are a pleasant addition to our homes. Yet, perhaps they are meant to be more than pleasant decoration. What if plants actually taught us something? Today's guest is Summer Rayne Oakes, author of How to Make a Plant Love You. She argues that plants are far more than pretty things to brighten up our homes. They are living beings, and for this reason invite us into a relationship of care. They invite us to let go of our own needs for a while and find joy as we cater to the mysterious and wonderful life-force which animates plants and which ultimately provides the oxygen and nutrients necessary for our survival.Episode HighlightsThe benefits of viewing plants in relational termsWhat plants teach us about human relationshipsHow plants bring a sense of place to the suburbsSome ways to get started in plant careThings to consider when buying a plantHow to find a good garden centreTo Purchase Summer's BookHow to Make a Plant Love You. Available on Amazon.Further ReferenceSummer Rayne's Personal Webpage. Information on Summer, her projects, and contact information.Summer's Youtube Channel. Tips, tours and reflections on gardening and the world of plantsGreen Thumb Garden Centre. A high-quality local garden centre in Ottawa.Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. Ontario's equivalent of the county extension office in the USA. Provides info on Ontario growing conditions and plants.Connect with Fr. StephenChurch WebsiteTwitter feedSubscribe through Apple PodcastsSubscribe through Google Podcasts