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Horse Therapy in the Texas Hill Country with Kelly Jones

I found the most amazing place in the Texas Hill country! My intention was to find a high-energy environment, and check out the design and build of a small cabin, I landed via the Universe and AirBnB at South Wind Equestrian & Retreat Center in Leader Texas and met its owner, Kelly Jones.

Her whole story of finding, buying and developing the property as a horse ranch is amazing in itself, but what she is doing now in the area of horse therapy is like nothing I have ever seen or heard before. It is truly amazing, and for a brief while I was able to experience it myself.

Kelly's contact info is:

Kelly Jones

swequestrian at gmail dot com (to help her not get spam-hammered, please put it all together)

or call five one two, six eight nine, seven seven nine three

Enjoy the Journey!


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Reprogramming Our Subconscious Mind in "Challenging Times"

These certainly are ominous times, ones which planet Earth, in its eons of history, has never experienced quite like this. And yet, as we reflect on how each of us is handling the situation, we observe that this is how we program our subconscious minds - the very same methods are with us now that we would deploy if we wanted to change our money paradigm, or our bad luck in relationships. Let's explore that in this episode. Here is the information I referenced in the early part of the podcast about the Saturn Period: From an online Blog:What is happening is that as this new Saturn-era which began in 2017 matures into the 2020s with the Sun's Grand Minimum that many people will face many events that they did not anticipate, and, as a result will suffer.A key to astrological knowledge comes from the number 9 which holds the mystery of the magic square of 3 + 6 which is based on the solar number 36.36 is one-tenth of the prophetic cycle of 360 days or years.The seven days of the week are named after the Sun, Moon and planets.Each celestial body holds sway as a planetary ruler of an era in succession throughout seven cycles of 36 years equaling 252 years, as 2+5+2= 9.252 years is one-tenth of the prophetic period of 2,520 years.In the course of a Jubilee period of 49 years, there are 42 working days and seven Sabbaths.These 42 days are represented by the seven planets each ruling for a week of six days.So every seventh day is a Sabbath. Every seventh year is a Sabbath Year.And every seventh Week of years is a Sabbath of Sabbaths, or a Jubilee Year.This interplay is an ancient astrological Hebrew method I learned as a boy studying Mundane Astrology.These are solar periods that take place in each sign of the Zodiac with the five planets, the Sun and the Moon extend over a span of 3,024 years as the progressional change of signs extends 5,184 years.One half of this period is 2,592 years, which is one-tenth of the Great Year of 25,924 years.This astrological sexagenary system gives prominence to the values of the numbers 6, 36, 216 and 1,296 with the number 6 as the Creative Number.The number 36 is the tenth of the Circle; as 216 the tenth of the equinoctial transit of each Zodiacal sign; and 1,296 is one-tenth of half the Great Year, being the precessional value for six Signs.The 36-year era cycle is known the 'Solar Cycle of the Prophets' and the days that represent each planet which rules it is read in retrograde motion through the days of the week ruled by each planet, which serves as planetary ruler of each 'era,' for a span of 36 solar years.Here I count from the year 1764 to the present time now.1764 to 1800, Saturday, era of SATURN.1800 to 1836, Friday, era of VENUS.1836 to 1872, Thursday, era of JUPITER.1872 to 1908 Wednesday, era of MERCURY.1908 to 1944, Tuesday, era of MARS.1944/45 to 1980/81, Monday, era of the MOON.1981 to 2017, Sunday, era of the SUN.2017 to 2053, Saturday, era of SATURN.In this new era ruled by Saturn:Among things to avoid:Immature & close-minded individuals.Dysfunctional & ideological people.Emotionally & Mentally ill individuals, groups, organizations.Indecision, inactivity, laziness.Inconsequential talk.Tardiness.Lack of Preparation.One of the things that you will notice as Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto wane toward their new world conjunctions in 2020 is bad communication, poor acknowledgement in communications and tardiness, that is, people being late, or not showing up at all for scheduled appointments.A person can always be found at their post, carrying out the duties needful for that time. And, as a result people know they can rely on such a person – if he/she says that they will be there, then they will be be there.But if a person is not punctual, then others cannot depend on that person (s) – as they do not know where they will be if and when they should need him or her.Associates will begin to feel that the person (s) cannot organize his/her own time and those doubts will seep into matters that go beyond just the clock, as it naturally raises the question: “If he/she is careless about time, then what else is he/she careless about?”You will find that from the second half of 2019 into 2020 and beyond that acknowledgment, poor communications and tardiness will become more common.As a result, it is best not to engage with groups, organizations and people who are subject to the influences of Saturn as the new Saturn-era throughout the world will see the trend of thoughts looking upon the grimmer, or darker side of things to the point of having to deal with people who are not reliable.This is because the vibrations that are received by the thought cells of populations under Saturn will be self-centered, heavy and morose.Always running behind in matters regarding the future simply hurts people in all areas of life.What you will see under the new planetary world transits is lost opportunities for people who have become lazy and not mindful of the transits time.It creates stress and results in embarrassment. Saturn's influence can make life much more complicated for those whose behavior have become self-centered - and for men and women seeking to simplify their lives it means that cultivating punctuality is essential.Saturn's rays lack in buoyancy. Being inflexible as a planet, most people will allow pessimism and negativity to abound in their attitudes and behavior.This is because Saturn imparts to their thought cells feelings that cause half of all people to work from dark and cloudy inner weather - thus attracting loss, responsibility and want.As Saturn's vibrations are negative, it means that many people will act out from angst, ignorance and fear at varying degrees.The cures for this will be great fortitude, taking on responsibilities when applicable, and mature positive thinking to drive away the blues of Saturn.However, expect the great majority of people to not do that.Saturn influences one-half of all the losses and troubles experienced by humanity; and so it is wise to make preparations for this into the 2020s.The afflictions of Saturn are usually due to a lack of something; which is why a dutiful, studious and preparation-minded attitude is required.Attitudes must not be wishful or magical thinking; nor on time- wasters & lazy-daisies and/or false positivism based on nothing more than outright hypocrisy, but rather based true steady maturity, common sense, tough love with practical thoughts to match practical behavior and actions.With Saturn as planetary lord of the era (2017-2053) this means to avoid dysfunctional individuals and groups so as to avoid the crystallization of Saturn's dense rays.Saturn's fixed hexagon on its north pole directs a powerful electromagnetic resonance of low frequency sound that conducts toward crystallizing Saturn's inherent features.All the planets of our solar system, including the Sun work as a 'system' of electromagnetic forces.The result is that the electromagnetic energies pass through the Earth's north magnetic pole and exits through the south magnetic pole.What this does is that it produces a powerful electromagnetic space curve, or a helix that travels from the Earth's south pole to north pole as the Earth turns on its own axis around the barycenter - which is the rotating center of our solar system.Particular planets that serve as 'planetary lord' over a span of 36-year periods have their own unique electromagnetic frequencies which rule an era.We have recently left the era of the Sun (1981-2017) which was the cause of solar-forced global warming.But as the era of the Sun began winding down in 2003, the Earth has been heading for a new era - that of Saturn.Saturn's era will be far different than the era of the great broad era of the Sun, and since 2016-17 we had been in transition into that era. It is now underway just as the decade of the 2020s begins.It is also very important to remember that the new conjunction and long-lasting Saturn-Pluto effect takes place in tropical Capricorn, a zodiacal Sign known for being very serious, diligent and all-business.I urge those reading this not to allow others to act as distractions to what you have to accomplish in the months ahead, or you will be sorry.The fact is that the major disruptions of daily life, while very expensive to many tens of millions of people, also will serve for some as a blessing in disguise to make major changes in their lives.