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Season 1, Ep. 2

When writer Lurgio Gavilan was 12, the terrorist group Shining Path recruited him as a child soldier.


Journalist Marco Aviles takes us through Lurgio’s experience--and what it reveals about indoctrination

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  • 6. Forced Silence

    Sexual Violence is endemic around the world, and frequently used to silence women. Egypt is no exception. But some women in the country have started to speak up about their experiences of sexual harassment and assault. In this final episode, Hind goes to Egypt and reports out a story that includes an exclusive account of the infamous Fairmont rape case.For resources on sexual harassment and assault go to in the U.S. and in Egypt.
  • 5. Policing

    In 2020 social unrest led to a renewed focus on how the criminal justice system is used to oppress Black people in the United States. In Kenya, the country has tried to combat its own problems with policing, but unchecked violence has continued. Journalist Asha Mwilu tells the story of Evans Njoroge who was killed by a police officer in 2018 while examining how policing in Kenya is a legacy of colonial oppression.
  • 4. Hierarchy

    Growing up, Sujatha Gidla didn’t think much about India’s centuries old caste system. But then in college something happened that forced Sujatha to reckon with the fact that she was Dalit, the lowest place in India’s caste hierarchy. Hind hosts as Sujatha tells the story of her life before and after this revelation and how it shaped the course of her life.
  • 3. Separation

    As a teenager, VICE journalist Adreanna Rodriguez was given a choice that would alter the course of her life. Later, she started to wonder if she made the right decision... a decision that many of her Native American ancestors had been denied. In this collaboration with Snap Judgment, Adreanna travels from California to the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota, and she looks at what it meant to be separated from her mother and her tribe.
  • 1. Obedience

    When author Reema Zaman married her husband, she was dazzled by his charm. Then she started noticing all the ways he was trying to control her life.  New York Times Columnist Amanda Taub talks with Hind about domestic violence, authoritarianism--and how mechanisms used by dictators are used to exploit power at all levels. For resources on domestic violence call the national domestic hotline at 1-800.799.SAFE or go to
  • Introducing: Strongman

    Power is at play in every single interaction that happens in our lives. And people who abuse power often go to extraordinary lengths to hang onto it. This is true for people at the very top of governments as well as for the people we interact with in our everyday lives. Strongman is a series of intimate narratives about power and control across the globe, hosted by Hind Hassan. Strongman from VICE NEWS launches March 22nd.