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Episode 112 - Glazers feeling the pressure

The theatre of crime.

That is what Old Trafford has become under the Glazer family’s ownership. Gone are the days it can be known as the Theatre of Dreams unless you can convince me Marcus Rashford always wanted to beat Villarreal in a Europa League final.

Jokes aside, quite a serious podcast for you this week. I haven’t pressed record in over two weeks due to being in hospital (again), so I returned this morning on my own to discuss the latest protests and how I believe the Glazers are feeling the pressure.

I take 20 minutes out to discuss some of the events over the past month and how Gary Neville has written to the Government asking for an independent football regulator to be introduced to the game.

This week, I discuss:

-      Do the Glazers really care about protests at Old Trafford?

-      It’s more than the ESL and some trophies

-      Fans from afar – knowing your place

-      Independent football regulator and more!

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