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The Robo Cars Are Coming

Season 1, Ep. 31

Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) are (probably) coming. In this episode, Laura is taken for a spin on public roads in one - going on a journey through Greenwich, London, with nothing other than a robot car for company (if you ignore the two safety drivers ready to step in at any moment).

Are Driverless Cars, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, or AVs, a solution to a problem, or are they just tech for tech’s sake?

The UK is betting big on AVs. The Government wants to make the UK a hub for this technology and has invested £200m into Research and Development already. 

Our thanks to this episode's interviewees: Balazs Csuvar - Head of Delivery at DG Cities; Stephen Kyberd, Field Engineering Lead at Oxbotica; Niranjan Thiyagarajan, Management consultant advising the car industry on AVs; Krishnan Jayaraj Menon, Project Manager at Oxbotica - and last but not least our driver, Tristan, and co-driver, Dan.

You can watch a video of the car in action here:; and see their vision for the future here: you can even order your own VR headset from the Endeavour Project here, to experience the vids in 3D:

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