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That Government Announcement

Season 1, Ep. 4

Episode four and we've convened to bring you a special emergency broadcast. In the last week, the UK government has announced a raft of measures, some more helpful than others, to help get more people cycling and walking for short journeys. We hope you enjoy this episode of Streets Ahead, a podcast dedicated to the world of active travel, liveable streets and people-focused urban design.

That Government Announcement

A lot can happen in a week, but the challenge in front of us will be the decider of whether cycling and walking reach their potential in Britain, or whether we'll just continue to drive everywhere. We don't have long to make a difference, so we're discussing what the government's latest announcement means for active travel. Spoiler: £2bn isn't enough and it's old money, split over five years. But there are some positives too.

In this episode, we look at the local and national picture for active travel and explore behind-the-scenes of why there is a newfound

impetus to get people on bikes and out of their cars. Is this Boris Johnson doing his thing?

We also talk to one of active travel's newest advocates, sports broadcaster Jacqui Oatley, and ask: Is she perhaps a better ambassador for getting the nation cycling than Geraint Thomas and Chris Froome?

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