Streets Ahead


Behaviour Change

Season 1, Ep. 2

It's our second episode and we're focusing on Behaviour Change, with our first guest, Dr Ian Walker. We hope you enjoy this episode of Streets Ahead, a new podcast dedicated to the world of active travel, liveable streets and people-focused urban design.

Behaviour Change

Streets Ahead welcomes our first guest, Dr Ian Walker, Environmental Psychologist at the University of Bath. Ian is most famous for dressing up as a woman and impersonating a Police officer, all in the name of research on driving habits.

In this episode, we explore what is required to change people's behaviour, during normal times and currently during the pandemic. How can we use this to get more people cycling and walking? We also explore if we're addicted to cars and what might be required to overcome that. Meanwhile, Ned drops the bombshell that he showers outdoors, Laura name drops her new best mate Greta Thunberg and Adam reveals his interest in car fetishes.

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