Strange New Takes

Come talk Star Trek with us! Strange New Takes is a Trek podcast brought to you by seven Trekkies from the United States. Nominally covering Strange New Worlds, our podcast also reviews other new Trek like Lower Decks, Prodigy, Picard & Discovery and brings you retro reviews of older Star Trek shows and movies. We unapologetically love all Star Trek and hope you'll join us on our continuing mission to discover strange new takes. To seek out new views and new opinions. To boldly go wherever the heck we want to go! @strangenewtakes on Insta, FB & Twitter.

Nach Karnik

Nach started his Trek journey with Star Trek Voyager reruns in the late 90s. Diving into the old TrekBBS' Voyager forum turned him into a hardcore Trekkie and he's never looked back since.

Dinah MacPhail

When family dinners moved over to the coffee table, Dinah started consuming hours of TNG along with a side of actual dinner. While she vividly remembers the Betazoid wedding of TNG and Picard’s assimilation of the Borg, the rest of TNG, along with most of DS9, has woven into a comfortable blanket that lives in the subconscious and is seriously ready for a revisit.

Bill Woywod

Bill is a diehard DS9 and TNG fan, but is still a complete fanboy for new Trek, indiscriminately consuming and enjoying any and all Star Trek produced by CBS.


Max fell in love with Star Trek at an early age, staying up past his bedtime to watch Next Generation on a fuzzy 10-inch TV. Since then, his affection for the series has only grown along with the size of the television in his living room.

Rudy Kasbekar

Rudy crossed paths with Star Trek at specific focused stages of life, almost periodically taking a hiatus from it in between. While spending time off and on Trek has thus far prevented Rudy from being the 'hardcore Trekkie' he admires, he always cherishes the act of getting back into it all after a long detachment. Most of all, Rudy loves finding parallels and meaning from Trek that tie to his more mundane and sometimes less-than-inspiring reality.

Emily Bowen-Marler

Though her mother tried to raise her right in the way of Star Trek, Emily is ashamed to admit it was a boy that got her really into Star Trek. But whatever to that dude; Emily's now a bigger fan than he ever was and she's dragged her brother Adam along with her for the ride. There's not much more fun than talking Trek with him and now they get to do that with all of you! đź––

Adam Bowen

Star Trek's Space Communism™ taught Adam all the morality lessons he'll ever need. He grew up overanalyzing every Star Trek episode and movie with his sister Emily, and can't wait to share his nerdy obsession with all of you.