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Emma Marris on How To Fix Our Relationships with Other Species

Ep. 1

For the very first episode I talk with environmental writer Emma Marris about her new book, Wild Souls: Freedom and Flourishing in the Nonhuman World. We discuss why animals matter, whether species and ecosystems do, how to think about non-native creatures, and how to make our way forward in a messy but wondrous world. If you enjoy this episode feel free to like, subscribe, tell a friend, or support us on Patreon.

Buy Emma's book here

Read an excerpt on zoos here

Two articles discussed in the podcast:

Emma Marris' review of When the Killing's Done

Marina Bolotnikova on "invasive" species

And two more relevant articles:

Emma Marris on killing for conservation

Robinson Meyer on the restoration of the Santa Cruz Island Fox, which involved trapping and relocating golden eagles (who preyed on the foxes) and the controversial killing of non-native pigs (who were also eaten by the golden eagles)

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