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Stone Me

The Ness of Brodgar

Season 1, Ep. 1

Explore the most incredible new neolithic site in Scotland for generations in the company of the man who helped discover it, Nick Card.

Just 20 years ago huge, highly decorated buildings were found under a field in Orkney and the site has produced more pottery and stone artefacts than any other in Scotland. After 20 years of intensive digging under Nick's direction this unique, precious place will be covered over in summer 2024, so hear about its history, what makes it special and what it meant to people 5,000 years ago from the person who has been at the site from the start.

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  • 7. Sighthill Stone Circle

    Come to north inner city Glasgow where we visit a stone circle with its creator. Duncan Lunan designed Sighthill Stone Circle in the 1970s along still-controversial astro-archaeological lines, making it the first new astrologically-aligned stone circle in Scotland in 3,500 year. Can we learn about the motivations for neolithic sites by talking to site caretor Duncan? Glasgow University's Kenny Brophy lends a hand with interpretation of this unique place.
  • 6. Cairnpapple Hill

    Come to the crest of a hill at the very heart of Scotland where you can see islands off the west and east coasts of the country, to a place that was sacred for over 4,000 years. Try to decode the mysteries of how neolithic material was re-used by later people at this very complicated site and pick a side in the long-running debate: was the circle here timber or stone?
  • 5. Machrie Moor

    We travel to the source of the beautiful, highly-prized stone found across neolithic sites in Britain and Ireland, Arran. At the stunning complex of seemingly endless stone circles at Machrie Moor we uncover its use as a site of pilgrimages, and investigate the timber monuments that were here before the stones.
  • 4. The Ring of Brodgar

    We learn about the unusual construction methods that might have been used at Scotland's biggest stone circle, the Ring of Brodgar on Orkney, and witness a little bit of showbiz sleight of hand in how the imposing monument was designed. With Jane Downes, Director of the Archaeology Institute at the University of the Highlands and Islands.
  • 3. Kilmartin Glen

    Explore the neolithic wonderland that is Kilmartin Glen in Argyll, where there are standing stones, chambered cairns and the most amazing neolithic rock art in Britain. And find out if Matthew and Alison manage to spot the ground-breaking deer carvings only recently discovered, even when they're 30cm in front of their faces.
  • 2. The Stones of Calanais

    The most glamorous site of them all, the iconic Stones of Calanais, still hold mysteries today. Hear how Ian discovered how one rock acts as a sundial while waiting for a colleague who was running late, and marvel at the celestial lightshow that appears every 18.6 years.
  • Introduction to Stone Me

    Did you know that there is a cosmic lightshow put on by a massive moon that only happens once every 18.6 years at a 5,000 year old holy place at the north west tip of Scotland’s most remote western island? Or that a farmer’s plough striking a stone just 20 years ago led to ancient finds that have caused the country’s most ancient history to be rewritten?Matthew Magee didn’t, until he got on his bike and rode (and sailed, and travelled by train) to some of Scotland’s most glamorous, exciting and important neolithic sites to interview experts on the secrets of our oldest places.Get a taste of what's to come in this introduction to the first series of Stone Me.Weekly programmes from 21/06/2023