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  • 4. Father's Day Special - The Lesser Spotted Garfield

    Ahead of Father's Day we welcome Garfield Hackett... To his own table! As Andi's partner and step-father to Miquita, Garfield has been - in the word's of his loved ones - "the thread that holds the family together, the backbone". Over a feast of soft pumpkin fungee, fried snapper, wild garlic oil and charred pardon peppers, they discuss first meeting in West London, being Andi's 'food muse', his bond with Miquita, the art of throwing parties, different interpretations of 'family', and why Andi pretended to like football when they met. An Offscript Production, and YaYa ProductiounProduced by Tayo Popoola

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  • 3. Tom Kerridge - Have You Had Rice Today?

    Chef Tom Kerridge is invited around to Andi and Miquita's table for a feast of slow cooked pork belly simmered in sour orange juice, mofongo (mashed plantain and green banana), shredded spring greens, pickled rhubarb, and Chinese cabbage. He brings his wife, the sculptor Beth Cullen-Kerridge. Choosing chaos over calm, solving problems through swimming, the pleasure, and the challenge of being alcohol free, rave music lullabies, dog cuddles, and Tom and Beth's very romantic origin story are all up for discussion, as is the importance of Great British Menu, the joy of creativity, and why you never care about awards...Until you win. An Offscript Production, and YaYa Production. Produced by Tayo Popoola
  • 2. Davina McCall - Together Again, Finally.

    Broadcaster Davina McCall joins Andi and Miquita for a real family affair. She brings her best friend Sarah Hiscox for a lunch of chicken with a chilli and nduja glaze, yellow beetroot fritters, wild garlic oil and Cavalo Nero. Laughter recalling the days up together in West London, Davina's start in TV, and being Miquita's 'coolest babysitter', searing honesty recalling tales of addiction, pride at Sarah becoming a novelist in her 50s. And so much more over a very long lunch. Davina also talks about her relationship with her mother, and there's some very serious chat about health, and the menopause. We recommend you seek the advice of a doctor or a medical professional to discuss any health matters including the menopause. The experiences shared on this podcast are unique to each individual and shouldnt be viewed as providing medical advice. Please always follow the prescribed dosages on medicine.This episode contains strong language and discussion of drugs and addiction.An Offscript Production, and Yaya Production. Produced by Tayo Popoola
  • 1. Andi and Miquita - The Work You Do When No One is Watching

    Stirring It Up is BACK for another series, with Andi and Miquita using the first episode as a chance for the two of them to catch up on each others news Throwing fabulous parties for turning forty, and celebrating a best friend's sixtieth. How entering a new decade has changed everything. Puppy life, milestones, and adventures apart are all on the menu. Plus mother and daughter give each other their flowers for their respective individual projects - celebrating Andi's "Fabulous Feasts" TV show, saluting a year since "Pepperpot Diaries" was released, , and applauding Miquita's new "Miss Me" podcast. There's the usual laughter and tears, and a preview of the forthcoming guests in series 4. All discussed between mouthfuls of some serious comfort food - fish tea and jasmine rice. Look out for a brand new "Extra Helpings" this series, as Andi and Miquita put together the essential "Stirring It Up" playlist. An Offscript Production, and YaYa Production. Produced by Tayo Popoola.
  • 17. Katie Piper - Finding Your Why

    Presenter Katie Piper is the final guest of series 3, alongside husband Richard. They are Invited by Andi and Miquita " to exercise the brunch muscle" over a table of very special pancakes. Katie and Richard talk about their first meeting, swapping Blackberry pins, turning adversity into advocacy, and setting up her foundation. There's also *more* conversation about the advantages of turning forty, de-thorning roses by hand, the power of affirmations, why Beverly Knight still calls Richard by the wrong name and so much more.... An Offscript Production, and YaYa Production. Produced by Tayo Popoola. For more information on the Katie Piper Foundation, visit -
  • 16. Jay Rayner - The Jay Rayner Quartet

    Restaurant critic and broadcaster, Jay Rayner joins Andi and Miquita for dinner. He brings his wife Pat. An Andi' soul food staple' of Stout braised oxtail, washed down with plenty of Friday night wine, means there's a lively conversation about music, Masterchef, 37 year old conversations, the joy of radio and much more. Jay and Pat also talk about their love of jazz music, and playing live together with their band. An Offscript Production, and YaYa Production Produced by Tayo Popoola
  • 15. Mother's Day Special - Interviewing Each Other

    What's it like being mothered by Andi? What's it like having Miquita as a daughter? Get ready for a very special, very personal episode ahead of Mother's Day, where Andi and Miquita sit down, mother to daughter, for a very personal lunch. On the menu is one of Miquita's favourite childhood dishes. Also on the menu is plenty of conversation about their early life in West London, the extended family that helped raise Miquita, finding a connection with Miquita's 'other' family, tales of boyfriends, good and bad, the pleasure and pride they have working with each other, and tales of spectacular fallouts. There is also some lovely insight into the woman Andi was before she was Miquita's mother. Mostly though, the episode is about pride, respect, and most of all love. With plenty of laughter along the way. An Offscript Production, and YaYa Production. Produced by Tayo Popoola.