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  • 8. Adjoa Andoh - That's Punk

    Actress Adjoa Andoh joins Andi and Miquita for lunch. She brings her friend, Producer and Creative Consultant, Adele Cross.It's a meal fit for a Lady Danbury. - an Andi special of a sweet potato and coconut dumpling, tamales, caramelised onions with prunes, with an oyster mushroom and an ackee puree. It's all washed down with Miquita's sake, white vermouth, cherries and vodka cocktail.The talk is of growing up in the Cotswolds countryside and finding new roots in London, falling in love with the clash, and the life lessons learned from punk; of re-examining history, and bringing the 'Sankofa' to Bridgerton. They also speak about the journeys of their respective parents to the UK, of "going back, to remember where you're from", and why home is always in the heart.An Offscript Production, and YaYa Production Produced by Tayo Popoola.

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  • 7. Vanessa Feltz - Vanessa's Evanescent Fish Dish

    Broadcaster Vanessa Feltz joins Andi and Miquita, and becomes the first guest to have a dish named after them - a salted cod, steamed over curried fennel and onion, with green gazpacho.Vanessa discusses growing up in "Swimming pool and chopped liver belt" of Jewish North London, a world of 70's dinner parties, and a neighbours including the likes of Cliff Richard, Frankie Vaughan and the Beverly Sisters. She also speaks about her route into radio, dating, writing her autobiography, interviewing Boris Johnson, motherhood and more. There's plenty of time to get into the many highs, and the heartbreak along the way to becoming one of the nation's best loved presenters. An Off script Production, and YaYa Production.Produced by Tayo Popoola.
  • 6. Emily Campbell - Be What You Can See

    Athlete Emily Campbell joins Miquita and Andi for a salt fish salad, pickled cucumber & jalapeño broth, sweet potato fritters, roast garlic oil, and seared wagyu beef - a huge menu because it's not every day you have an Olympian in the house!The three of them discuss how Emily has become the most successful British Weightlifter of modern times, and her hopes for Paris 2024. Emily reflects on her route into weightlifting, the incredible support of her parents and a special teacher, and on the struggle for funding in the early days. There are also stories of growing up in Nottingham, finding your path, how random drug tests an play havoc with your love life, and - speaking of which - what *really* goes down in the Olympic Village when the games are over, and the fun begins!An Offscript Production, and YaYa Production. Produced by Tayo Popoola
  • 5. Sandi Toksvig - A Table Of Excellent Women

    Writer, Comedian, and Broadcaster Sandi Toksvig takes her place at Andi and Miquita's table today, and it's one of those rare Stirring It Up occasions where there are two extra guests. Sandi brings her wife, Therapist Debbie Toksvig, and Author and Journalist Catherine MayerOn the menu today is wild garlic grits, slow braised lamb, and plantain, and a toasted peanut slaw. Also on the menu is the story of Sandi and Debbie's meeting, being 'hit by lightening', (including why Debbie thought Sandi would be a 'f*****g nightmare'!), early days in comedy, why Catherine and Sandi founded the Women's Equality Party, and why it's still needed, going to war with Wikipedia, creating a digital, story-map of the world, the pain of press intrusion, the pleasure of becoming an elder, and much more. A real meeting of minds, and hearts. An Offscript Production, and Yaya Production. Produced by Tayo Popoola.
  • 5. Alison Steadman - Cocktails and Quizzes

    It's a special afternoon in the Oliver household, as Actress Alison Steadman joins Andi and Miquita for an afternoon gimlet, and three types of fish - red mullet, sea bream and mackerel, finished with tamarind butter and wild garlic oil. She brings her husband, Actor Michael Elwyn. High on the agenda is the business of acting - as you'd expect with two incredible thespians in attendance! Navigating self doubt and rejection, self taped auditions, acting as a couple during lockdown, the luxury of being able to pick and choose roles, the harsh reality of getting older as an actress ( and why it can get easier for Michael as a man), the joy of improv, and Alison's iconic roles that span three generations of audience, with roles in Abigail's Party, Shirley Valentine, Nuts In May, Gavin & Stacey are all discussed. Miquita also successfully manages to steer the conversation onto the joys of bird watching, to the 'delight' of Andi!An Offscript Production, and YaYa Production. Produced by Tayo Popoola
  • 4. Father's Day Special - The Lesser Spotted Garfield

    Ahead of Father's Day we welcome Garfield Hackett... To his own table! As Andi's partner and step-father to Miquita, Garfield has been - in the word's of his loved ones - "the thread that holds the family together, the backbone". Over a feast of soft pumpkin fungee, fried snapper, wild garlic oil and charred pardon peppers, they discuss first meeting in West London, being Andi's 'food muse', his bond with Miquita, the art of throwing parties, different interpretations of 'family', and why Andi pretended to like football when they met. An Offscript Production, and YaYa ProductiounProduced by Tayo Popoola
  • 3. Tom Kerridge - Have You Had Rice Today?

    Chef Tom Kerridge is invited around to Andi and Miquita's table for a feast of slow cooked pork belly simmered in sour orange juice, mofongo (mashed plantain and green banana), shredded spring greens, pickled rhubarb, and Chinese cabbage. He brings his wife, the sculptor Beth Cullen-Kerridge. Choosing chaos over calm, solving problems through swimming, the pleasure, and the challenge of being alcohol free, rave music lullabies, dog cuddles, and Tom and Beth's very romantic origin story are all up for discussion, as is the importance of Great British Menu, the joy of creativity, and why you never care about awards...Until you win. An Offscript Production, and YaYa Production. Produced by Tayo Popoola